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do you watch inuyasha?

yes 0.92857142857143 92.9% [ 130 ]
no 0.057142857142857 5.7% [ 8 ]
never 0.014285714285714 1.4% [ 2 ]
Total Votes:[ 140 ]
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when i have time i like watching inuyasha and bleach gaia_nitemareright
I re-watched it over, it was really cool !! My favorite character is Hakudoshi though !! cat_3nodding
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XxX_Scarl3t Ros3_XxX
does anybody but me watch inuyasha anymore?

i do went its on but its never on anymore gonk
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its my fave manga/anime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Inuyasha is my favorite anime ever biggrin
I don't watch it anymore, cuz Ive seen all of the episodes.
but it's still my number 1
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Sometimes. It's not my fav anymore, but I still love it!
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I watched 92 ep but after I was sick of it. However, I really want to watch the end so I think that I will wtch it again sometimes smile
Yess, i still watch it . biggrin
its my favorite animee !
I watch it whenever i can on adult swim. I just need to stay up 'til 3 am. It is truly a great anime.
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I watch Inuyasha when I can, usually I just look up episodes on the internet.
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XxX_Scarl3t Ros3_XxX
does anybody but me watch inuyasha anymore?

nop i love it
I all ways watch inuyasha..
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i love inuyasha kagome and inuyasha make a cute couple
I watch ep. 1 through 41 and I found out that it is like 166 ep. or something like that and they were still after Miroku! sweatdrop So I might get back to it this summer, but I watched the last episode with Japense English subs and it was great. Overall the series has the same moral every time I watch it they are after Miroku and trying to get the sacred jewels it gets annoying after a few episodes. Also I switched over to watching Peach Girl again biggrin
I love it heart

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