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Did anything in this rant get across to you?

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I Like Kagome cause she's the one who freed Inuyasha exclaim Plus she the main character she's the one who had the sacred Jewel and i also like kikyou cause she helps them sometimes. You Kagome Haters just don't have good taste. plus we people who like Kagome force you to like kagome cause it's ur choice to hate her we don't control you but u can just keep it 2 ur self! talk2hand and....... KAGOME ROX! but you can't force us to hate her!! And HI!!!
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question question question
I totally agree there are major valid points that are worth considering. And as I was reading this I found people who believed that pro kagome=kikyo hating.
Thats just dumb!
I don't hate Kagome, but she annoys the s**t out of me more then any other character on that show. I know it's not that great of a reason, but I can't stand her voice. But I don't think she's ugly or a slut. And whoever says she's weak doesn't know what they're talking about.
Ok~ I have alot of better things to do so im just going to make this short and sweet.

Just accept the fact that some people don't like Kagome. For christ's sake she is a fictional character. She has no feelings whatsoever.

We all have different points of view. You like Kagome. I don't. So what?
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Nice job! biggrin You've explained everything right here and now. Everything you said about kagome is everything that was always on my mind. Though i AM a kagome fan, i respect kikyou as well. (but i DISLIKE her more than i LIKE her).
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Wow. eek

Now that I'm over the shock of the main post that made this topic... *clears throat* You made many valid points, good sir. Time to make epic posts like that for other likewise-hated-characters? Nah, I'm just kidding.

Anywho... I never really 'hated' Kagome; she is a good person. However, I -did- dislike some of the things that she did. No one's perfect. 3nodding
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The main post clears most of this up but dont forget:

-Kagome loves Inuyasha for who he is, as a half-demon, while Kikyo wanted him as a full human
-Kagome's not always happy, she gets worried and sad sometimes as well, worried about school work when shes in the fuedal era and her friends being in danger when shes in present time, also sad about how she loves Inuyasha yet she always lets him go to see Kikyo because she knows he still has feelings for her
-How is Kagome abusive when Inuyasha constantly taunts her and disrespects her just because she is Kikyo's reincarnation
-Kagome posesses the same powers Kikyo does but she hasn't fully developed using them thats why she seems so weak
-I don't get how people call her a whore/slut/bimbo/etc. she is most likely the less slutty character in the series and she only has feelings for Inuyasha and Inuyasha only, she shares a friendship towards both Hojo and Koga
-and about the whole plot, if the whole thing between Kikyo and Inuyasha, Kagome falling down the well and freeing Inuyasha, and Buyo stuck in the well didn't happen there'd be no anime or manga whatsoever

So yeah, and personally Kagome's my favorite female character in the series wink

-Oh yeah about her voice, it is annoying yes, but in the english only, in my opinion i think that Laura Bailey, Luci Cristian, Collen Clinkenbeard or Caitlin Glass sweatdrop
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i love how you post the dumbest things from the thread here!!! ><!
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I heard before about mainly Kikyo haters, i thought only of her hater exist more. But as i see i knew it wrong, many people hates Kagome too. It's really sad and annoying, because Kagome is a kind, helpful, happy and patient girl usually! She is 1 of my favorite characters. She is not ugly, she is a nice person usually! I don't hate Kikyo either, but she is not my favorite. She helps many times across the series, mainly in the 6th and 7th (Final Act) seasons. I don't really understand why should hate, mad to Kagome just because few tiny things,...! Her clothes are ok, she won't, she can't change it every times, mainly because of fightings and she can move, run in her school clothes too. Yes, Kagome is accept InuYasha for halfdemon, she don't want to change him, i mean she don't want to make him to human like Kikyo wanted 50 years ago. She just want InuYasha be happy, a little more polite, kinder person, i mean not too wild and better, calm personality. She can, could change it, anybody can see, experience it mainly from the 6th-7th season the success. He could thanks to Kagome many things, he think and tell us what he learned and thanked to Kagome in the 7th season's 25th, or 26th episode! Maybe she sometimes says too much the "sit" when she is angry to InuYasha, but at the most of situations she have reason to say "sit" (of course not too much times). The people are not perfect, i mean nobody is perfect, she isn't too! Idk what's the problem with Kagome's voice, it isn't bad. I heard her Hungarian (i am from Hungary a Hungarian woman, so i watched the InuYasha's most of seasons in Hungarian language, what is great, but from the 5th season here wasn't in TV, so from it in English i watched), English and Japanese voices too. I like all 3 voices, but i like the best the Hungarian and English voices.
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[I agree 100%. Most of the time on Gaia people pick on me because of my cosplay and say all of those things you have pointed out. It is all very true. I hate is when people say her voice is "annoying", all voices in dub are. I have read all thee Inuyasha mangas, in fact it was my first manga ever. I have also seen all the anime episodes of InuYasha and Inuyasha The Final Act in sub. I can truthfully say that none of those rude statements are true. I get tired of people picking on Kagome even if they don't know that much about InuYasha Thank you for mentioning this point. Most Kagome haters are usually Kikyo or Sesshomaru fans or just being ignorant. This is why westerners need to learn how to behave.]
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I don't like Kagome. I did like her at first, but then she just got annoying to watch. She is a big part in the anime, but damn.

I'd say Sango is the best female character.
I vote up Kagome, the main character I dislike is Kikyo and I just do, I'm not gonna come up with random reasons to dislike her, though. I only don't like her because she is another love interest for Inuyasha (that and because she tried to kill him) Yeah I know fangirls and fanguys, anime characters ARE hot but you can't wish 4 there love interest 2 die because of it, they are there 4 a reason and, being together with ur fave anime character? FANFICTION. arrow I will proubably get shot by a random person now 4 saying anything.
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Kagome is my most hated anime character. =/ She's done some real dumb stuff that could have helped everybody out. She's just like one of those girls who wants her man to be 100% attention on her and forget about exs...which really to him seems like 5 minutes ago. When he gets angry jealous he gets forced into the ground by "sit". But when she gets just a little jealous, does she get physically hurt? No. She has a hissy fit and leaves. Its hard to explore the fudel world searching for shards if every damn week they have to go back to the well. Her clothes, I understand wearing the same thing every day being anime and all but a uniform? Those things are expensive over there and im sure her clothes get dirty and ripped all the time. She can be very bitchy with the whole "sit" thing. Really, how would you like it if your trying to express your feelings, every time you get mad you get forced into the ground several times. Its like he's her b***h. =/

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