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Baby Nelliel

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Obviously... Mayuri. razz
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i would pick yachiro since she is one of my favorite female characters. she is so cute and i love her when she is always with kenpachi. so awesome and cool.
i would go with Yoruichi 3nodding 3nodding
I'd like to be Coyote Starrk (if my avatar is male, that is), because he is my favorite character out of the whole Bleach series.
I just ******** love him °////°
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i like ichigo when he using his mask.... smile
tia harribel all the way blaugh shes badass, i lover her pants, and i hate sosuke aizen ever since he killed her crying
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if i had to pick a boy it'd be with Grimmjow Jeagerjaques in his release form <3
and if a girl id pick Neliel tu oderschvant or Rangiku matsumoto smile
Starrk, he's so cool and is so badass although he's laidback XDDD ;3
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I'd pick Ulqiorra, cuz he looks awesome biggrin
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if i were to dress up my avatar i would be yoroichi, soifung, rukia, orihima, actually ill do a mixture of all the characters because i cant pick. i like allllllllllllll the character. even rukia!!!!1
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Rukia because shes simple yet beautiful heart
Ichimaru Gin, Coyote Starrk, Szayel, Aizen, or Barragan. Those are my favorite bad guys of Bleach.
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If my Gaia character could be anyone,it would have to be Zangetsu.

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