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I loved it! I would say L is my favorite character, made me really sad when he died. I disliked Light, I was a bit sad for him when he died though...
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I believe Death Note is quite a beautiful anime. Not only that, but it's very touching..even with characters you dislike, it's still so dad. I was terribly sad when Light died..and when his father died? AHH, SO SAD. TT^TT <3
i agree it was sad when light died crying
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Light never rly died until the very end of the series when Ryuk killed him off with his own deathnote book o_O but it was def. pretty sad when Light killed L tho… crying but i'm actually glad that Ryuk killed Light, and i think he deserves death, cuz he killed off L! mad
WHY DID LAWLIET HAVE TO DIE?! gonk I WILL KILL REM!!! stressed and it will be easy because I AM A NINJA! ninja
light was a crazy. i was sad when L died
this is an amazing anime!!!!! XD are you a light or L fan?
Love Death Note so much! L of course is my fave character. His death made it hard for me to even finish the rest of the anime, but I managed. I was in complete hysterics when I watched L and Watari died! crying Also, I hate how Matt died in the only episode he was shown on! I mean, they could have shown him a bit more. Yeah, Mello and Near were the more important Wammy boys, but still! I don't see why so much people disses on Near.. He's just a cute little kid! But I agree, that L was a tad more interesting than Near was. But that was because we got to know L for like, more than half of the anime.... and because he's a cute panda detective. xD I wish I could kill Light for all of his wrongdoings, but that would be like Kira... so... yeah. T-T But who knows? If I kill criminals, maybe I'll be able to see a cute detective along the way. ;D

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