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I remember being a little girl and watching Sailor Moon with my older brother. haha
my favorite used to be Sailor Venus or Sailor Pluto.
Does anybody remember Fish Eye, Tiger Eye, or Crow Eye?
oh yes

who was your favorite sailor?
oh yes

who was your favorite sailor?

venus ♥
I remember too! 3nodding

My favorite sailor is Neptune!

Not long ago, a friend of mine made a youtube video about Sailor Moon. It brought me back some good memories...


This is the video, by the way.
I love the song too! heart
Tehe.. im another Sailor Venus fan. xp
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i love that show. and i got a good site to watch it at. its called 'animefreak.tv' it sucks becuase it only lets you watch like 75 mins a day, but the quality is better and its not to confusing like youtube
Sailor Moon was the first anime I fell in love with! I have fond memories of it. My fav was Sailor Saturn/Mistress 9. Awesome Sailor Soldier and an awesome villain.
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Ohh. It was also my very first anime. I watched it a lot on VHS as a little girl. My favorite was Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon. And Tuxedo man. Although, I didn't watch the very last season... smile
Who doesn't?
It was a good series. My favorites were Uranus and Neptune. In America, they were cousins but in Japan, lovers. It is weird how quickly anime gets changed when it comes to America.
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i dont have any anime channels but im learning to draw them and i think i am doing a good job! my friend hiyam loves anime and wathces sailor moon everyday!~
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Sailor Moon is the best! I always used to watch it when it came on the WB 54 Kids Club at 6:30 am. Sailor Moon was my first anime. (2. Pokemon 3. Yu-Gi-Oh) Nowadays, at age 17, I'm obsessed with it! ^_^ My favorites have always been: Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, Sailor Venus and Sailor Neptune.
Was my first anime, and I still watch it online every so often. The only thing I didn't like was Luna, no offence... I don't like cats in general, talking ones are even worse.

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