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This topic is to talk about this great anime in my opinion, Digimon has always come to our hearts.
Although I did not like the new versions of old Digimon, and yes, I know they changed their mode, viruses and such, but are rare. A greeting.
Way better anime and concept the pokemon
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The only thing about Xros Wars 2/Season 6.5/Boy Hunters/Xros Wars Part 3 that I liked was towards the end of episode 25 when the previous leaders showed up.
I wished that they considered Ryo Akiyama as a legendary hero and that he got included in the lineup but whatever.
The rest of that portion of the series? Yeah....2nd least favorite thing that has ever been created Digimon anime wise.

The regular Xros Wars/Death Generals I enjoyed quite a lot.
Broke the trend of "even number digimon seasons are crap" thing.
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I know this thread is super duper old but I just finished watching the Digimon Xros Wars and....I think I had an organism. Those final episodes...BLEW MY F*CKING MIND! I never even dreamed that we could have all the Digimon team leaders fighting together in the same Universe! Or any of the separate digi team universes standing next to each other! It was spectacular!

I laughed so hard when the kids from the Xros universe were freaking out over kids punching digimon, digimon fusing together, kids fusing with digimon, and kids who were digimon! It was the best! xd

Pokemon can kiss my a**! They can never top this! And I hope to GOD that there is never another Digimon series after this last one. They can't have that kind of hardcore finale and have another series after it. That would be soooo cheap.
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I love heart Digimon heart especially the third season whee
but when it comes to Xros Wars just No it killed my soul to just watch a few scenes of it burning_eyes

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