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which do you like more: digimon or pokemon?

digimon 0.40425531914894 40.4% [ 133 ]
pokemon 0.50759878419453 50.8% [ 167 ]
other 0.088145896656535 8.8% [ 29 ]
Total Votes:[ 329 ]
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OMG! My I like both crying
I'm sorry to say this guys but if agumon and charzard got in a fight who would win?
Agumon obviously because he could change into wargreymon use terra force and KILL charzard with one attack so hands down digimon is so much better
Pokemon is the best!
Okay..Just for people that do not know this is how the whole digimon and pokemon thing came up.

Monster Ranchers was the first show then Digimon came after and then Pokemon so in retrospec Digimon ripped of Monster Ranchers and Pokemon ripped off digimon.
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pokemon i like more than digimon. redface redface redface
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Digimon. They were my favorite growing up...Only the first two seasons though...
Its hard for me to decide. I like both equally. Granted, I haven't watched any current Pokemon or Digimon in years. Granted, I once thought Digimon was just a knock off of Pokemon, but later changed my tune. The first 2 or 3 seasons of Digimon was great. The rest, I couldn't really get into.
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Anime-wise, Digimon kicks Pokemon's sorry butt.

Game-wise, I like Pokemon. The only Digimon game I really like is Digimon World: Dusk.

Pokemon Special is an awesome manga about Pokemon, and beats out the Pokemon anime in every way.
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Though I love both of them to death, I'd have to say Digimon is a better show because there's an actual story that doesn't repeat itself but Pokemon has amazing games. heart

For me Pokemon was a better show until around Diamond and Pearl and then I lost satellite. emo
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Even if the games are repetitive & stuff I still like it sweatdrop
Digimon drawings are cooler. XD
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Sir Severe
Digimon drawings are cooler. XD

Indeed. 3nodding
I still and will always love Digimon over Pokemon.
But over all I think they are both fine.
so i couldnt really decide which is better. but digimon wins becuz we will never see anything like it ever again. its gone and will never come back. sad

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