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Who's the best mod soul?

King Kon, DURR 0.27272727272727 27.3% [ 3 ]
RIRIN FTW! 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Cloud's awesome! 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 1 ]
Nova is SO COOL. 0.63636363636364 63.6% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 11 ]
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I found the chibi versions of Ririn and Nova but I can't find Claud's anywhere! I know it exists because I saw a crappy pixellated version of all three but I can't find the REAL one! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I WANT IT!

Yes, I know in the English dub he is "Cloud" but in the Japanese sub it's Claud, and everyone in the show pronounces it "Kuroudo" so I call him Claud because I like it more (well actually I call him Klaudo with a Japanese accent but THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT!) So, does anyone have the chibi picture of him in plushie form to match these two?

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Photobucket/Google it?

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Oh believe me, I've tried. I spent a good hour at least all over the internet but as I said, all I found was a small, terribly pixellated version of the three of them that wouldn't do at all. It's more or less down to this - finding someone who actually has the picture on their computer.

No one seems to like Claud crying so there aren't many pictures of him let alone this one. I'm hoping someone who sees this will happen to have him just because they wanted to have all 3 chibi pics or something. Anyone?!
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I'm gonna start crying soon. No body?!? gonk
I'll find it!!!
I have failed... -3-
At least u have the super cool Nova!!!!!
you should try devaintart.
Good luck with that.but personally I like nova the best. when he's not in the plushi he's hot!!! heart
The coolest_anime_gurl_99
I have failed... -3-

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Aww, don't feel bad, I love you for trying! 3nodding

Thanks to everyone else too. I forgot, I did find a sprite on DeviantArt once but I didn't go back to look for other pics. eek

EDIT: Oh yes, Nova is very awesome too! He's the favorite to most people. I watch episodes in sub but I actually saw one in dub last night out of curiosity, and I get the feeling people don't like Claud because of his voice. He has a less goofy voice in the Japanese version to match his personality... I don't know, a small part of me is partial to him out of pity (other polls I've seen have Nova and Kon with a billion votes, Ririn with a bunch and Claud with NONE) but most of me still thinks he's really cool. I mean come on, HE HAS A TOP HAT!
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For the record, THIS is the site I found which actually has most of the characters in Chibi along the right side of the screen, but more importantly, all 3 of Kisuke's mod souls, but it's all small and pixellated and BLECH. Where's my Claud?!?
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I think they don't have it gonk
Believe me I've also tried to find it
but I never could crying
Anyways you got Nova 3nodding

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