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And replaced by one just as bad so nothing has changed.

Roloko vi Britannia 4kids had nothing to do with Digimon. It was Saban who dubbed Digimon not 4kids. And well from what I understand Saban is attempting to regain the rights to Digimon as we speak and it could end up on Vortexx soon enough.
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I'm sad that they are gone! D: who is going to produce lovely gems such as arbok evolving into seviper!? and turning brock's rice balls into giant subs? I am honestly very sad about this.
i dont miss them, all i remember about them is suky dubbing and lack of variety
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4Kids ruining anime with their censoring is actually television regulations requiring them to censor shows before they can be aired to the target demographic, but that aside... OP has a point: When you're eight years old or whatever, no one really cares about the voice acting or even realizes that what they're watching has been changed from the original version.

Also, for all the complaints there are about One Piece, 4Kids hadn't originally intended to buy that show and they sort of got... stuck with it before realizing that it was, in fact, meant for older audiences. This resulted in the censoring spree attempting to make the show fit their "for kids" demographic as much as possible, because once they bought the license they couldn't just get rid of it.
There's an audio interview here, if you don't believe me...
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I'm gonna miss them. The were a really good kids block and I enjoyed watching them over the years.

Nothing beats when 4kids(or whatever their name was at the time) and WB would show their best shows at the same time and compete for the best kids block. 4laugh heart
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RIP, 4Kids. I wasn't too crazy about their censorship and editing practices, but I liked Yu-Gi-Oh and they introduced me to the Pokemon franchise, so I don't hate them 100%. Wish they could have released more uncut versions of their anime on DVD, though.
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They're gone? Wow, didn't even notice.
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I don't really understand the hate for 4kids. Sometimes, people hate it without knowing why and it's convenient that way or they just use it as an scapegoat for "why anime shouldn't be dubbed."

Well sad of it to go, hope the actors working for it find a better place.
Some of you have to admit, it was your childhood.
I'm not sad to see them go down the drain at all. Certainly, during the earlier days, like when they dubbed Pokemon, it was awesome.

But what I hate is that they tried to Americanize every thing, from the names to the freakin' food. So it didn't even feel like I was watching anime anymore. It was horrible. Not all of the voices were bad and not all of the VAs sucked, but 4Kids did a horrible job in general when it came to dubbing anime.

I remember when they dubbed Tokyo Mew Mew (they named it 'Mew Mew Power'), I gotta admit that I liked it more or less, but what I couldn't stand for the life of me was the person they chose to do the voice for Aoyama (Ichigo's love interest). A grown man with a grown, manly a** voice dubbed over a 14-year old boy. I'll never understand that .__. Soon as I got internet, I started watching Tokyo Mew Mew subbed >>;
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Roloko vi Britannia 4kids had nothing to do with Digimon. It was Saban who dubbed Digimon not 4kids. And well from what I understand Saban is attempting to regain the rights to Digimon as we speak and it could end up on Vortexx soon enough.

Oh I see. I'm glad that we are getting the first season on DVD. I hope the rest will follow.
Huh. I can't say I really hate 4kids though. They just shouldn't dub anime. Their Ninja Turtles show is actually pretty awesome. I love it even now.
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i'm not suprissed stare they make p.ss and sh.t from F-Zero anime series.
More proof that Vortexx is far better then Toonzai. Tiny Toons Adventures Halloween Special is airing this Saturday. 4kids would never do something like that.

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