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Do you have one?

Yes, I have one! 0.14182282793867 14.2% [ 666 ]
Yes, I have more than one! 0.11839863713799 11.8% [ 556 ]
No, and I don't want one because dolls are CREEPY! 0.37883304940375 37.9% [ 1779 ]
No, but I want one! 0.36094548551959 36.1% [ 1695 ]
Total Votes:[ 4696 ]
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Hoshit! I never knew this thread was here!

I have SoulDoll Paris, named Israfel. You can see him in my signature, but I'm going to put better pictures up (promise)
Aww he's so cute. His hair looks so lifelike too, not many I've seen have normal looking hair.
*Molests Izzy* So cute.
Some day I'll be rich enough to buy one. Until that day I have to settle for Bleeding Edge.
Yay DoD people are here!

Haha, I never Gaia anymore. I usually show up around the end of each month though, if they release a cool donation item. xd
wow. How long has there been a toys forum? ^^ I like it.

I have a CP elf Ani head that's currently on a Kid Dollmore body. The resin doesn't actually work that well so I might get a Mini Fee body one of these days. I've also got SaFi, an artist's elf head.
I had never heard of them until now
I'd never heard of them until Janurary of this year but now I'm hooked. You can see my two boys in my profile.
I have a ball joint doll! I'd like to get another one. have you seend the tiny ones that the Korean companies have? they're so cool. whee
... is there BJD thread in any of the forums? It seem like there would be. sweatdrop
You mean the 43cm ones?

There's not many on here but we have a guild. Are you a member on den of angels?
Lol, I have three now. Big change from when I last posted. XD
I bought a Jade UFK the other day. He makes 9 full...
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I'd buy one if I had the money biggrin
I don't have one but I think they're gorgeous..

I only want Isao Nanjou though.. crying heart heart heart
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Dapper Dabbler

So nice to see other BJD fans. I just recently discovered them myself, and now I own two. Or I will once they're shipped to me. They're both from Luts. One is "The Moon" new-type body (male), and the other is "Dark Elf Soo" (female).

The waiting is killing me though! xp

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