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Liberal Ladykiller

I have a yellow bear with a rattle in the foot that I called my puffer that came home from the hospital with me.
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Tipsy Dabbler

Lionel the Build - A - Bear Lion. Over ten years I believe.
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Distinct Hunter

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My Voodoo doll Smiley. His ribs are sticking out he has no mouth his eyes are black as coal and he has a chain whip. I love Smiley. twisted
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Gambino Bilge rat

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I have a teddy bear named Beecee that I've had since I was very little. Unfortunately, when I was a little kid I picked most of the fur off of it, not really sure why now. Nervous habit, I guess.Wish I wouldn't have... >>;;

Now Beecee sits in the living room in a glass case.
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Vermillion Bibliophile

Oldest I have, I think, Is an Eevee I've had for around 8-10 years..maybe.
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Dapper Lunatic

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Various stuffed toys I've had since as long as I can remember (I like to keep all of my stuffed toys ehehe).
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Friendly Explorer

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My stuffed toy bunny with a green/yellow suit on. I can't recall was mine with the yellow or with the green suit. It's a cute toy...
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Greedy Shopper

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my oldest stuffed would be either my yellow rabbit or my elephant
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Interesting Shopper

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mine is either my grey and white rabbit or my minnie mouse stuffie. both i have had since before i can remember
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Beloved Shopper

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mine isn't really a stuffed animal, but a old popples blanket that you can no longer tell was a popples blanket cause all the print has almost faded off
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Kawaii Shapeshifter

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This weird multicolored caterpillar/alien llama looking thing that I've had since I was one or two.
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Taken Bunny

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Blue bunny, I called him "Kic Kic" which in translation to English would sound "Hop Hop"
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Shirtless Fatcat

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One of the oldest stuff animal's I have is a blue doodle bear and I named him Bear, I know...so original... Though I no longer have the markers to draw on it. And the colour is slowly fading away emo

A stuffed dog, its pretty big. I know its old since it has a shirt that I use to wear when I was 5. Oddly the shirt fits it nicely.
I have a stuffed animal kitten (named kittles). There is a ball that roles around in her head that simulates a purring noise. I have had her since I could start remembering my memories. 4laugh

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