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It would be a tiny stuffed rabbit I named Carrots... except I think I got rid of him years ago.
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A squeaky bear toy I got from a doctor's visit when I was like three or four. My mom told me the nurses gave it to me to try to calm me down because I crying from being terrified of doctors. My mom still has it in my old room at her house. It's one of the few toys of mine that my family never sold or gave away.
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a precious moments doll/ blanket.<3
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My Sailor Moon doll from Bandai Japan of 1993.
A stuffed monkey I've had since I was a baby.
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A yellow stuffed whale that I've had since I was around 5. I still cuddle him when I go to bed.
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A beanie of Lucky from 101 Dalmatians
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I lost a lot of them but the oldest one i still have is a stuffed Snorlax blaugh
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I have a stuffed giraffe that my parents got me as a newborn.
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~*It's a whole new world we live in,It's a whole new way to see,It's a whole new place with a brand new attitude....*~

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Shi the Light Eevee & Kio the Dark Eevee
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~*-♥ .....a talking eevee figure,i had it let see maybe 14years.....♥ -*~
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~*User ImageBut you still gotta catch 'em all and be the best that you can be!!...Pokemon Johto!..User Image...*~
A white polar bear called snowy I was given when I was a week old :3
Oldest is a teddy bear I had since I was 3
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A Cabbage Patch doll that my Nana bought for me when I was four. I was suppose to be getting an Easter coat, but Nana said the coat could wait because I wanted the doll so much. I've been told that they had to pry the box out of my hands to ring it up at the check out. I'm still like that with it, no one but me touches Marita, no one.

My Nana died when I was five, the doll is really all I have to remember her by, so it's very precious to me.
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The oldest in terms of the toy's year of manufacture would be my Malibu Barbie from the 70's.

One of my other Barbies would be the toy I've owned the longest, but I have no idea which one.
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my favorite is a blue teddy bear i got out of a claw machine when i was 5. i am now 17

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