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A china doll that I got when I was maybe 7/8? That and a stuffed Pikachu backpack from when I was 8.
a big stuffed gorilla from the zoo i was probably about 6
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I have two.
Brown Bear, a brown teddy bear with a white shirt. Mu uncle gave it to my mom when she was pregnant with me, a few months before he died.
Pinkie. A pink elephant music box thing. I have no clue how old I was when I got it...as far as I remember.
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One of the oldest ones I remember was this beanie baby. His name is Seaweed. I won him in a reading contest at my Library when I was 5 or 6. :3
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While I've not had the exact same one over the years, I've had several different purple Happy the Hippo Beanie Babies. biggrin I've had a ton of the little calico cats, too.
I have a super old Winnie the Pooh. I guess I went shopping with my parents when I was about 3. My dad took me over to the toys while my mom was shopping and apparently I fell in love with him. He has a sewn red sweater that has "Pooh" sewn into it in cursive. Sewn under his shirt is a little button you can press and it plays the Winnie the Pooh theme song. This thing would be 22 years old now and the button still works. Lol. Sometimes it sounds like it is dying, but if you just hit it, it starts working perfectly again. I think one time my mom had to unsew it and replace some batteries, but it hasn't been done since.
LOL! xd My stuffed animal is ancient! It's a stuffed yellow duck! I named him Lucky when I was super young. All of his softness has gone away and he's not so yellow anymore. I have to keep on drawing in the black in his eyes. lol ....poor thing. His little ducky head looks like it's going to fall off. I carried that thing with me EVERYWHERE! 3nodding I couldn't live without that stuffed duck. I've had good ol' Lucky for almost 16 years. but....now, he is in a closet. I suppose the little stuffed animal won't fall to a million pieces in there. wink

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a brown monkey i got at birth
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This tiny bear I got when I was like 3. He name is Rose.
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Oh goodness, let me think. I believe that the oldest toy/stuffed animal I have are the ernie and bert dolls I’ve had since I was a baby.
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♥ benny the stuffed cat.
he's about 15 years old now, and going bald in several places- so i made him a little waistcoat and he looks pretty dapper, if i do say so myself!

my nan got him for me c:
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My Bedtime Bear care bear. A family friend gave him to me when I was really young- her kids had outgrown it. I was maybe two? I still sleep with him every night heart
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Smokey a dalmatian that I had god knows how long. My earliest memories go back to when I was 4 and I'm 24 now so at least since I was 4 if not sooner. He is still in fair condition. I remember a tear in the back of his neck that my mom stitched up for me.
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I have a teddy bear that was my dad's when he was a little boy. I've also got a little pink bear that my grandfather bought me a day or two after I was born.
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I have a stuffed panda bear that my grandma gave my mom who gave it to me hes from the 1920's definitely has seem better days lol 3nodding

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