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Mines my Stuffed animal Dalmatian... i have had her since i was 20mins. old!!!! biggrin
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A harp seal pup. Had it since before I can remember.
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A leopard kitten I've had since I can remember. Apparently, my toddler self has some kind of inner Gollum because I named her Precious.
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I got a baby orangutan plush soon after birth. It was about as big as me. It's still in good shape.
Not sure why my parents chose an orangutan, but it's the only ape/monkey I don't hate.
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My oldest is a blue velveteen frog whom I oh so creatively named Velvet. I was quite the brilliant child. Like most of you guys I've had him for as long as I can remember, but I do know that he came from ToysRUs. ninja
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A orange tiger with black stripes and a gold collar. I got it when I was 1 month old and still have it to this day. rolleyes No big wow, but you got to know that when I was born Johnson was president. eek
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A sphere shaped panda. It's in bad shape though.
Stuffed leopard named Ditto and I've had her ever since I can remember smile
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When i was 5 years old i got a Teddy bear for my birthday, i named him Beary. 11 years later i still have Beary and i plan on giving him to my own children
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Mines my Stuffed animal Dalmatian... i have had her since i was 20mins. old!!!! biggrin

a small stuffed bear that was given to me in the hospital just after I was born heart
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A toy frog i’ve had that makes a croaking when you shake him. I think I’ve had him since I was very young.
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My oldest is my teddy bear..i dont hav a name for it because it is who ever i need it to be smile My brother Jason gave it to me when I was in the hospital (the time i almost died)...
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A pink and white stuffed animal. It's an indiscriminate anthropomorphized animal of some kind. I wanna say it's a dog since it has longer floppy ears and doesn't resemble a rabbit in any way. I cannot remember if it was bought for me before or after I was born, though.
When I was five a family friend gave me a baby doll. I named her Amy. The family friend died when I was seven, but somehow holding that doll gives me peace.
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Brown teddy bear. I've had him since I was four maybe and the name I gave him was Mr. Bear XP.

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