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Just this last weekend I bought "Movie Heroes" Darth Vader and Qui-Gon Jinn action figures with light-up lightsabers. I saw those on the shelf at Target and grabbed them in an instant, I've been looking for them for a while. It was epic. surprised
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I purchased the 3 SDCC Starctaft 2 bottle top figures today 3nodding Hemmed and hawed over getting them for months and then couldn't find them on ebay the other day when I decided I really wanted them. Was a little depressed about it, but today, via amazon, realized one of my favorite online toy sellers had them in stock. And for a reasonable price! I payed only $2 or $3 more than they were at SDCC and got free shipping (they have a holding service where they will hold your purchases for a few months so you can combine shipping on multiple purchases. Since i already had one toy on hold and these 3 new ones aren't all that big, they added them to the shipment free of charge). I couldn't find them for cheaper than $25 each (after shipping) back when they were on ebay! So I call that a nice score!

I just won't get them for a few more months because I'm waiting for a few toys I have pre-ordered to arrive, which won't be until spring sad
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Marvel Universe Series 2 027 Wolverine and 033 Iron Man 2020. I also picked up LEGO Hobbit: Riddles for The Ring. It's my first LEGO set since...forever.
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My wow battle chest game. smile
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The Daenerys Targaryen & White Walker (both from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice & Fire) Funko figurines.
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ℜinny says: Spawn Series 7 The Mangler
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The last thing I personally bought for myself was Dolce from series one of TokiDoki's Unicorno collectables. She's so freakin' adorable! Slowly but surely I'm moving along getting all of the Unicorno figures I want. (: However, the last thing someone bought for me, which was today, was a My Little Pony blind grab bag. That ended up having my favorite in it: Rarity.
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S.H.Figuarts Perfect Cell. This dude's box is pretty big compared to the other DBZ boxes they put out. Probably because they packed him with the Kamehameha effect stand. Love it.
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I got myself a HGUC Sinanju about last week, pretty nice gunpla.
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A Hobbit Poster (the one with the White Council on it) and the TinTin movie

The poster was virtually free thanks to the rewards cash I had xd
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Let's see. Got in the mail today was figma ex:ride SPride.04 Fireball Charming Joseph. I'll have to put Drossel in it sometime to see how she fits on.

Then I got five Marvel Mega Bloks Series 3 blindbags. Pulled Havok and Iceman (commons,) Cyclops and Stealth Spider-Man (rares,) and Silver Surfer (ultra rare.) Spidey and Surfer were the ones I wanted, and I pulled them from the first two bags so I was pleased.
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A Vocaloid figurine, and a set of Sailor Moon button pins, and a Free Shrugs t-shirt purchased in the Dealers Room during my rampage at Anime Los Angeles.
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Transformers Prime Deluxe Soundwave and few Pony brushables (Lyra, Trixie and Sunny Rays).
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A Dollfie Dream Dynamite bjd! heart

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