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well just this morning at school i got a empty tissue box with the words "lord orgy" all over it.
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Two days ago I got Ravage from the Revenge fo the Fallen toy line of Transformers in the mail, bought it off of ebay.
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C.A Cupid from Monster High. emotion_kirakira


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Specs Reads-A-Lot from the Lalaloopsy Littles line
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A few weeks ago I picked up the MU Secret Wars 2-pack of Bulldozer & Thing as well as Scarlet Spider.
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Another Transformer, about two weeks ago.
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Seeking Pants

More Transformers xD

Didn't think I'd buy any more movie-verse stuff until the Trilogy line but Kmart had a 60-70% off sale, so I picked up DOTM Human Alliance Sideswipe & Icepic w/ Sargent Chaos and the Bumblebee & Backfire w/ Sam Witwicky packs. They were $11 and $8 respectively.
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-Fijit Willa
-Fijit Newbie Tia
-red 3DS with splinter cell (which sucks, im saving for mario kart 7 and a flight simulation game)
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A set of nendo petits emotion_kirakira
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S.H. Figuarts Kamen Rider Ouja.
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HG 1/144 Scale RMS-106 E.F.S.F Hi-Zack, HG 1/144 Scale RX-178 Gundam MKII Titans Edition and HG 1/144 Scale RX-0 Unicorn.
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S.H. Figuarts Gokai Pink.
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Not so much bought as pre-ordered - 1st edition TF: Prime Bulkhead and Cliffjumper. A part of me really hopes they comes in, another part doesn't. Lol. I'd love to have the figures but they're the Takara-Tomy versions which are 3 times the price of Hasbro's, but the Takara one's look nicer and Hasbro is an @!&*%# and canceled the line before it saw a full release in the US :/ Canada and Asia saw a full release though, but did we, Hasbro's mother country? Nooooooooooo! *cusses*

I don't mind paying the Takara prices. If I didn't I wouldn't have pre-ordered them, but it does mean my toy budget is blown for a while and the Prime core line is starting to filter in. Ah well. The 1st edition are far superior to the main line anyway, both in design and how they function. So it's more than worth it. And with Hasbro fail-tastic marketing methods I might end up skipping their end of the line all together. We'll see. I'm definitly waiting for the Fall of Cybertron toys as they look AMAZING... hopefully Hasbro won't f*** up again like they did with these 1st editions stressed
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Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Append and Touwa Erio. > w < This is a picture I took of her for my review on myfigurecollection.
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Hello Kitty Valentine beanie babies. heart
Her wing are really soft.

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