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I first always insisted on being the horse and rider, but then I developped a special sort of bond with the Iron. I love that thing so much.

When I play my Pokemon Monopoly, I'm Bulbasaur.
The battleship, I like the canon too burning_eyes
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Fashionable Lunatic

ℜinny says: I loved the boat.
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Sparkly Darling

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The dog :3
I think I used to be the Hat. smile
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anyone who doesnt say car didnt get to pick first xd
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Friendly Cat

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I'd always be the iron or the dog.
I liked the iron. I heard, though, that a couple of the pieces are going to be replaced with more modern-day ones.
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In the early days, I fought with my sister over who got to be the dog. Then I realized there was a horse, and I became the horseman. ninja
moneybag smile
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~*~ I liked using the Iron and the Top Hat ~*~
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I liked being the Iron although on occasion I would replace my monopoly piece with tiny pokemon toys I had that would fit on the board. I didn't even own Pokemon Monopoly, either.
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Newbie Noob

I liked being the top hat.
The only monpoly that I play is Vietnamese. So my favorite piece is the kangoroo.
I was the car if i don't get the car i was the hat

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