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Liberal Loverboy

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I collect music (cd's still), comics (mostly DC/Vertigo but have started dabbling into Marvel recenty, most recently Cable and Deadpool, Zoids, Pokémon plushies (I just noticed the other day that they ~finally~ made Solosis! biggrin ) and action figures.
Currently collecting pokemon
I collect vinyl records, tattoo books, bjd's, and I'm trying to collect one of every pokemon card. I need around 50 more for it to be complete for now.
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Shirtless Fatcat

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I collect Naruto stuff. I don't do it as much as I used to though. I usually collected the cards but I don't actually know how to use them lol and I also have some poster books, magazines, plushies, T-shirts, DVDS and the manga books which I still read whee

I'm actually starting to collect Adventure Time stuff because its just so cute 4laugh

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Shadowy Bilge rat

Ribbons, rocks, quartz crystals, books, marbles and stuffed animals.
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Beloved Friend

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Dream catchers.

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Romantic Fairy

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Right now I collect Disney movies, dolls (mostly American Girl), Care Bears, and books&manga.
I collect statues and figurines of buddha heart
I used to collect energy drink cans, but then I moved and had to get rid of them. I had been drinking them as I collected them, so they were worthless anyway....
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Friendly Vampire

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Anime Plushies

My Little Pony

Action Figures (mostly DBZ)



Horror Movies

Stuffed Animals

Video Games

Anime DVDs
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Romantic Loverboy

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As a child (and young teen) I collected teddy bears. Now that I'm older and more mature I collect comic books.
I've come to the conclusion that I'm never going to grow up.
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Mega Millionaire

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I use to collect Hot Wheels and other toy cars, but they were given away by my parents. :/ Nowadays, well... I don't collect anything. I should probably get into the habit again.
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Anxious Gawker

what do you collect?
I collect comic books, mostly X Men. biggrin

I collected PVC figures/Nendoroids/Puchi Nendoroids of anime for a year and stopped because of money constraints. Will probably continue once I start earning money.

Also, I collect traditional clothes, but since they tend to be expensive, I'm buying what I can afford first.
I collect stickers and duct tape. smile
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Blessed Fairy

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Nightmare before christmas stuff, hello kitty plushies and monster high. heart

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