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I mainly collect scale figures and nendoroids from my favourite anime and also the odd Disney collectable.
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Pokemon Cardss.!! heart
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Comic books, Batman and Spider-Man figures, Star Wars toys/collectibles.
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What do I collect? Hmmm...I suppose comic books is my first love for collecting. I have a fair amount of those. In terms of toys, I collect Transformers, Star Wars figures (Hasbro and Kenner), Lego sets, SH Figuarts, and some Role Play toys, such as lightsabers.
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I collect Transformers (right now my main goal is to recreate the cast of Beast Wars), as well as any Nightmare Before Christmas or Wall-E toy I can find and afford.
I collect Harry Potter and Disney merchandise.

My Potter collection started first, but my Disney one has taken off within the past year smile
My favorite Collection is of DBZ/DBGT cards which went on from 1999/2005. I have one of the best collections of those in the world (top 3-5) I have the best DBZ Autograph Collection, including the only complete Goku and Broly Collections signed by their voice actors (Sean Schemmel-Goku, and Vic Mignogna-Broly) both collections are in their rarest forms, mint condition, and signed by the voice actors infront of me, as I later got to hangout with the voice actors, and got pictures with them. My Goku and Broly collections are the rarest in the world.

Besides that I have:

-Old Pokemon cards (Complete Sets from Base Set-Neo 4, All English and Japanese Promos from 1998-2000)

-All the oldest Sonic Comic Books along with the rarest, I have a huge Sonic Comic Collection this includes Knuckles the Echidna, I have all the issues of him too.

-All Batman Beyond Comics and every comic the character Batman Beyond Appears in, I also have lots of Nightwing Comics.

-DC Batman Figures, Marvel Spiderman Figures

-All Power Rangers things from Mighty Morphin all the way to Lost Galaxy, includes figures, weapons, morphers, zords, etc.

-Tons of really rare old school anime merchandise, lots of it is autographed too, I literally have hundreds of autographs as I go to cons regularly.

-I also have collected 1 of every video game system. Along with several other collections.
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My Little Ponies from every generation (mainly first generation and the pricier internationals because they're gorgeous *A*)
Monster High dolls
Breyer Horses (don't "collect" anymore but I'm never getting rid of my older ones!)
Mew pokémon cards
Iwako eraser animals
I collect Warhammer 40K figures
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I collect:

Beanie Babies (The old retired ones)
Anything Panda related
Disney Movies
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SHS Black Cat
I collect :

User Image

User Image

User Image

nuff said.

That is really cool!!
Collecting is my biggest hobby and so i collect a couple of staff, and hope to collect much more!

Things i already collect:
- Video games
- Board games
- Yu- Gi- Oh cards
- Books

Things i hope to start collecting in the near future:
- Mangas
- DVDs
- Pokemon cards
- Transformers
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SH Figuarts, Robot Spirits and Super Robot Chogokin figures. wink
Actively collecting, only Monster High dolls and Lego minifigures. I've dabbled in My Little Ponies and Littlest Petshop, as well as some gashapon collections, but soon gave up.
I like collecting porcelain dolls, they are so beautiful and adorable.

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