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Handsome Hero

Assorted anime/video game figures, gunpla and stuffed animals.
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Sparkly Fatcat

i collect novels, mangas, stitch plushies, anime figures, and bjds >w<
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Dangerous Lover

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Old Virtual Pets such as Tamagotchi's and Giga pets.
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Divine Kitten

I collect a lot of things...but mainly white tiger stuff: pictures, figurines, stuffed animals, etc. 3nodding I love white tigers! heart
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Invisible Noob

When I was really young, I loved collecting rocks, Barbie dolls, coloring books, and G3 My Little Ponies (which I still have!) Last year, I spent a lot of money for some Nikes and Jordans, but now I just usually buy and collect random jewelry I find cute, even though I never wear them.

Though, I'd say I'm more of a hoarder because I would never discard the things I have, even if I do seem to be buying things that seem to be "useless" to me because I'm attached to the things I own and I was quite upset when my mom would get rid of my dolls, but I guess I'm still a kid at heart. smile
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Vicious Sweetheart

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I collect Coke memorabilia, special edition Barbies, and Toy Story toys that Andy owned in the Toy Story movies.
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Devoted Cat

My life is yours to command,

I collect Re-Ments, Sylvanian Families, miniature food in general, plushies, erasers and wigs. heart

You're in control...
I collect Transformers, anime plushness, Figmas, starships and anime swimsuit girls statues
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Invisible Gawker

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piggy banks for my daughter
I collect tamagotchis, old and new, as well as other virtual pets
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Fashionable Genius

I collect spoons. Have since I was a child.
Um...I'm collecting the Peace Frog stickers that are only 50 cents, but they took them out of the machine. emo so it's only half done.
I started collecting pins.
And rubber stamps. I make my own cards.
Um...I love the idea. I want to collect everything. I'm always hoping to have a collection that's actually cool. But I dunno.
I never can stay focused.... xd
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Feline Fatcat

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I collect alot of things to be honest, from art materials to manga and books, but I also love collecting plushies, stuffed animals/teddies and Beanie Babies.

My apartment is quite small, and I don't earn much at the moment, so my collect(ions), are fairly small, due to lack of space.
I own about 10+ Beanie Babies, as well as other teddies and plushies that have stayed with me, and that I've collected over the years.
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Harvey Tom
shopfitting supplies
shopfitting companies
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Lucky Risk-Taker

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books (mangas and so on)
Zoids.... Though they annihilate my wallet I love em.

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