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what do you collect?
I collect comic books, mostly X Men. biggrin
My Little Ponies. Right now I only have G4 stuff, but I would really like a huge collection of ponies from every generation. 3nodding
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I suppose that would be stuffed animals since I have so many.
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I collect :

User Image

User Image

User Image

nuff said.
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I collect :

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User Image

User Image

nuff said.

oh my....WOW. That is freakin awesome! I love your collection whee
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I collect Hello Kitty, Super Mario Bros., Sonic and Old school stuff such as My Little Pony and
The Real Ghostbuster.
DOLLS AND USE THEM IN MY VIDEOS SEEE! heart heart heart http://youtu.be/uDqjA3LifgM
♥ ♡ Q u e e n i e; ♥ ♡

I collect Harry Potter products, and books. emotion_yatta
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care bears
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Living Dead Dolls! I'm new to it, only have about 5 or so of them, also anything NECA brings out--I have the new Evil Dead Farewell to Arms Ash and a Jack Skellington !
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Seeking Pants

Transformers and Tin Toys.

I have well over 100 Transformers (probably closer to 175 at this point to be honest)

Tin Toys are a lot harder to find as they're really only sold in antique stores (for the vintage ones) and small, privately owned toy stores, which are few and far between these days. So I only have about 8 or 10 of those, but I did find a website that sells a LOT of them in the fall, so I'm saving up to buy a bunch at once and save on shipping.
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I love to collect old coins, simply because it's fun to imagine where it's gone and been over time. The older it is, the more I want it.
My oldest coin is around 900 years old; it's a gold trading piece from Afghanistan that I got for Christmas.
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Plushies, Shonen Jump, anime key chains, doctor who toys... cat_3nodding
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I'm starting to collect energy drink can tabs, and books. xP

But I also collect random little objects to add onto jewelry. Kinda like what "Kandi Kids" do by adding little small stuffed toys, or buttons, or bells, ect on their "kandi". xP
I actually got into that by making some of that stuff. It's really fun.
PVC figures, Artbooks and comics~ And also ribbons.

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