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[The Toys & Collectibles Link List]

Hello~! Welcome to the (official) link list of the Toys & Collectibles Forum. I'm your hostess, Himalia. Originally started by Sweet Amber from a suggestion by Marshmallows (the user, not the treat), this thread was created to aid in the location of merchandise subjects. After *cough* slight begging *cough* she kindly handed the list down to me.

Before starting a thread it would help the mods and creators of Gaia if you'd politely skim through these lists, making sure the thread you want to start doesn't already exist. heart

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The Raven Bird
<center>*Table of Continents*
1. Introduction (<- You are here)
2. Q&A, Credits
3. Hot Topics
4. General
5. Figures
6. Dolls
7. Plushies
8. Electronics & Gadgets
9. Trading Cards & CCG
10. Miscellaneous
11. Information, Buy & Sell Advertisments

Use CTRL+F (Windows) to narrow your search for a thread!</center>
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[Questions & Answers]

Got questions? I have answers! If you have any, feel free to ask and I'll answer A.S.A.P. Just please make sure it's related to this thread, if you need to know about other things please go to the appropriate forums.

Q: How did this thread start?
A: It started from a suggestion of the user Marshmallows, telling her friend Sweet Amber how helpful it would be if there was a handy link list in the Toys & Collectibles Forum. From thereon Sweet Amber took it upon herself to create the list. heart

Q: My thread is not on here! What can I do?
A: If I've somehow missed over your thread please PM it to me and I will put it on the link list A.S.A.P. I try to update the list whenever I can, so if you just created the thread it might not be on the list. Some threads were excluded from this list for being jibberish or not making sense.

*Some threads are also not included if they are offensive or have questionable content. Deal with it.

Q: Some of your links say they are in the process of archiving or don't work, what the heck?
A: Ah yes, evil archiving. Older threads are routinely saved as an archive, basically R.I.P. with it's own grave. Every 1st of the month I go through my list and delete any archived threads, with the exception of some threads.

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[Credits & Thanks]

+Thanks so much to Marshmallows (again, the user, not the treat) for the idea to create this thread, and to Sweet Amber for giving the thread to me.
+Thanks to the movie Toy Story for holding my sanity while writting up this link list.
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[Hot Topics]

Hot Topics are topics often replied to and with a hefty post reply. These are removed as hot topics when they stop getting replies. Please don't post in your thread to keep it on this list. sweatdrop Besides being in this section, each thread is also in it's other catagory below.

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+My Little Pony
+Transformers News & Re-issues!
+What was the latest thing you got?
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+80s Toys
+80s Toys Guild Advertisement
+Action figure nightmare!
+Are store exclusives a good idea?
+Best storyline while playing with your Toys
+Boxes.. Or Not?
+Does anyone collect Gashapon/Shokugan Toys?
+Do you collect?
+Do you still play with/collect toys?
+ Expensive Stuff and Gross Excess!
+Get over it!
+Girls/Guys whats your fav 80s cartoon/toy??
+How about Gashapon/Capsule Toys?
+Lame Toys
+Model Building
+My 2 Coolest Items
+Name Your #1 Toy
+Never too old for toys!
+Oldies are the best!
+Odd Collections
+People who still collect Toys when old
+Remembering Old Toys
+Sentimental Toys
+So, howd everyone do on Christmas?
+Stupidest toy fad?
+The Toys & Collectibles Post Your Picture Thread
+The Toy You Never Had!
+This sux
+Tomboys unite! For girls who played with boys toys!
+Toys from the Cereal BOX!!!!
+Toys have feelings too
+Toys R Us News
+What do you collect?
+Whats going to be hott?
+What is your favorite Action Figure?
+What was the latest thing you got?
+What was the weirdest Action Figure had as kid?
+What was your favorite childhood toy?
+Who collects toys?
+Who collects weird things?
+Why are they changing my toys?

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+Cabbage Patch Kids or Garbage Pail Kids?
+Rainbow Brite and Strawberry Shortcake

+Betty Boop
Who loves Betty Boop?
+Cobra Commander
Cobra Commander
+Emily Strange
Emily Strange Stuffies
+Felix the Cat
Felix the Cat
+Fraggle Rock
Fraggle Rock
+Glow Worms
Glow Worms..
Gumby and Pokey!!
+Happy Bunny
Happy Bunny
J-Pop CDs and Other Things
+Lady Death/Evil Earnie
Lady Death/Evil Ernie
+Lord of the Rings
The Lord of the Rings Stuff
McDonalds toys!! And other resturaunt goodies!
Scale Models yupi old times come back!
+My Little Pony
My Little Pony
Neopets (lavonia)
Neopets (red_hot_14)
Neopets! (Doc_Seyi)
Neopets stuff
+Ninja Turtles
Ninja Turtles
+Power Rangers
Power Rangers
Go Go Power Rangers!
PGSM Products?
Hello Kitty!
Sanrio (Hello Kitty, etc)
Kogepan, Tare Panda
+Scooby Doo
Scooby Doo
+Silent Hill
Collecting Silent Hill thiings?
Blue who?
+Star Wars
Star Wars Stuff
+Wheeled Warriors
Wheeled Warriors
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+Alien & Predator Toys !!!
+Figurines!! (Anime or otherwise)
+Reptar, of Godzilla action figure? Which do you like?
+Your Anime Figures/Models

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+Army of Darkness
Has anyone seen the Army of Darkness action figures?
Batman Rogues Gallery!
Beatles Saturday Morning Show Action Figures
Anatomically Correct Collectabulls
Breyer Horses
+Carnival Models
Carnival Models
Conan Series 2: Hour of the Dragon
+Devil May Cry
Devil May Cry KT Figure Collection Series 2!
+Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Figures
Final Fantasy X Figures!!!
Who has any 12" Final Fantasy X Figures?
+G.I. Joe
Collecting and Customizing Joes
G.I. Joe (stufftoburn324)
G.I. Joe (GustavoAoshi)
Anyone have Gundam Fix Figuration?
Gundam MSiA
Mobile Suit Gundam in Action
Halo 1 & 2 Action Figures
HALO 2 Action Figures
New HALO Toy!
New Hellsing figures
Post your Homie collection here!
More Inuyasha figures announced!
Sesshoumaru Mini Figurine
+Littlest Petshop
Littlest Petshop
+Lord of the Rings
Who collects Lord of the Rings Figures?
Those ICP Zombie Figures
Alleged Marvel Legends 10 and 11 line ups
Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends!
Marvel Twist Ems
Pics of upcomming Marvel Legends
Who here collects Marvel Legends?
Who here owns Marvel Legends figures?
Evil McFarlanes Tales
McFarlanes Monsters 4: Twisted Fairy Tale line-up
McFarlane Toys!
McFarlane Toys presents: The Infernal Parade
Alien VS Predator Microman
New Microman!
Miniatures and other Dollhouse crap
+Mizuno Junko
Mizuno Junko Dolls
MOTU 6 in Statue Pictures
New MOTU Product!!!
+Neon Genesis Evangelion
Die-cast Evas
+Pinky: St
Anyone Pinky: St?
+Pirates of the Caribbean
Is that an 18" Jack Sparrow youre holding? YES
Pirates of the Caribbean Action Figures (princess-lola)
Pirates of the Caribbean Action Figures (Headhunter)
+Pocket Dragons
Pocket Dragons!
+Polly Pocket
Polly Pocket
Ye olde Polly Pocket. What happenned to the original?
PSE: Anyone know the Series?
Qees Collections
+Ronin Warriors
Ronin Warriors anybody??
+Sky Dancers
Sky Dancers
Who remembers (Sky) Dancers?
+Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic toys from mcd
Alright...any Spawn collectors here?
Spawn Series 27
Upcoming Spawn Toys
SSX Tricky Action Figures
+Star Wars
Ironically funny Warning label
Star Wars
Star Wars Collectors Figurines: 1977-Present
+Street Sharks
Does anyone still have their Street Sharks?
+Stretch Armstrong
Stretch Armstrong
+Stretch Monster
Stretch Monster
+Sylvanian Families
Sylvanian Families Collectors
+Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Who Collects Ninja Turtle Toys?
Favorite Transformers Series
Favorite Transformers Toys
Gobots against Transformers
More than meets the eye
Reasons in letting children get Transformers
Transformers (Yonk)
Transformers News & Re-issues!
12" Vash teh Stampede Figure
Anyone remember Treasure Trolls?
Trolls (fallen silence)
Trolls (Tia_Hill)
+Urban Vinyl
Urban Vinyl, Anybody?
WWE Action Figures
Xevoz (Brigeeda)
Xevoz (Necrosys)
X-Files Action Figures
Any Zoid customizers out there?
Building Zoids
Zoids Model Kits
Reserving in case of the future, domokun
Reserving in case of the future, domokun
Reserving in case of the future, domokun
Reserving in case of the future, domokun

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