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I used to love playing with Beys with my mates. Although I would always stick my hand in there and get hurt by the metal parts. sweatdrop Anyone else remember the old ones? c:
I used to love playing with Beys with my mates. Although I would always stick my hand in there and get hurt by the metal parts. sweatdrop Anyone else remember the old ones? c:

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~*It's a whole new world we live in,It's a whole new way to see,It's a whole new place with a brand new attitude....*~

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Shi the Light Eevee & Kio the Dark Eevee
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~*-♥ .....yes beyblade is still awesome! well i like the older version better,i have wolfborg! it my favorite since it was a wolf,my cuzen gave it to me he got it free it was mint in box but box was crushed lol.....♥ -*~
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~*User ImageBut you still gotta catch 'em all and be the best that you can be!!...Pokemon Johto!..User Image...*~
*Bringing back so many memories of my childhood* :3
They were my life
I had 5 and a big arena ;D
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.:-Sometimes I ask myself, what am I doing here...

I had a bunch of them when I was younger. Draciel was my first one (got it from a cousin who didn't know how to build it), although I think I played with Dragoon and Dranzer the most. Had a stadium too, although I'm pretty sure it ended up splitting after a while and I just ended up using the blades on the ground. Wasn't allowed to play with them in the house after that though, because I tried once and took a chip out my Mum's new floor. Whoops. xp

Used to get my hands battered up a lot when I went to pick them up though, and I'll never forget the day I launched one and hit another kid with it lol.

...I think of all the reasons, but it's still not clear.-:.
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Oh yes I remember those biggrin I loved the show so ofcourse I wanted a beyblade as well haha xd ....but I dont remember the name of mine....the beastie looked like a whale O.o
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God yes, lol. I always used tio play with them. These new ones though, they suck, lol. I used to modify mine to use 2 weights and use an extra long pin for the spinner, lol.
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Yeahh. The ones you can twist apart and mix and match parts to make your own specific blade? Hell yeah.

The new ones aren't like that.
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i'd always hurt myself on the ripcord
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ℜinny says: I gave all of mine to my little brother. I had a few first gen ones. 3nodding
Ahehhhhhh, I'm still collecting now. Me and my partner have actually spent over £500 worth of stuff in the past few months collecting and have more on the way.... the old blades are so expensive now...

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From actual transforming Bladebreaker bit beast figures, down to clothes, plushies and Beybattle analyzers ^^;

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