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Neo: x3 post pictures of said head sometimes! xD when is he getting a body? Lol

Blah, and sorry to hear about your laptop. : I hope th eproblem is solved when you return!

Neo is very annoyed = - = scream
My laptop really is broken.. AGAIN the same thing as previous time.. And it happened within a month =____= last time they said, if it breaks the 3rd time, you'll get a new one.. not. It only goes for after the 3rd time (so a 4th time..) and all the three times, the same thing has to break. (Wth?!)
And I really can't afford it to have it gone because I need to do important things on it for my mother T__________T'' Maybe ask for donations for my birthday for a decent laptop? Or do my best to make it break again before September..
*sigh* v.v'' the previous idea of what I wanted to get with bday money should be obvious XD
Anyway >< I shall stop nagging >//////<

I will take some pictures of Vairon with the others some time. Now I can only take crappy phone pictures but I suppose they can do the trick too =P
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So they wont' give you a new computer?
BLAH so angry!
And you want to save up for tha tbeautiful new doll. ~.~ Huang? right?

It's okay if you nag <3 I understand. I was LOST without my computer for a whole month! I'm so glad I have it back.
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The Goddess Shilen

Intresting. usually when the knot is in the head is causes problems. You must just have a wonky S hook :/

Probably. neutral
I feel like the resin is slowly chipping away where the s-hook is. I'm a little concerned...

Perhaps he is strung too tight, I wouldn't worry about that to much tho. A few nicks in his head cap is no big deal

@Fate: Suadeing would defiantly help the problem ^.^
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Nora's head doesn't like to look forward either, though her whole body kind of goes a bit crazy because she is strung a bit tight. I like it that way though. I just have to adjust her constantly.
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Yah, i know it would help....but im still to scared to do it. It would be great and helpful, yes..but i think i can deal..i suppose. I just play it off as him being a brat
I think seele could actually use some tightening in the strings, oh well. To Face-up Land I go! To redo her face. Panda + Nightmare Before Christmas Sally + A Clockwork Orange eyelashes = what just happened?

User Image
It's kind of frightening.
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@ Fate
Yes, Huang or a body for Vairon c:
This is so troublesome - o-.. 4 - 6 weeks waiting.. it almost is like waiting on a doll without all the excitement and some annoyance added.
I'm very surprised this old thing still seems to work.. but it's so slow e__e
What! I'm not on your regulars list talk2hand

I need to redo Rose's outfit one of these days when I am not suffering from the heat or insect bites...

So what is going to happen to the old thread?
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Indecent Memories
What! I'm not on your regulars list talk2hand

I need to redo Rose's outfit one of these days when I am not suffering from the heat or insect bites...

So what is going to happen to the old thread?

lol of course you will be, I am just adding people as they pop in here and post family pics! Don't be sad D:

<3 chu.

@Bishie - Woahh! Seele looks so totally different there! Her lips look nice and shiny, and her eyebrows are nice, little too much black around the eyes though ha ha. Good try though~
Naw, I was messing with you. Speaking of family pics...

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Okies, I was scared for a minute there.
Yay, family pic =O
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I took lots of pics today
User Image
@ Bishie: whoa.. that's Selle? I never would have pegged her as a goth girl.
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Arlette looks so graceful and young there. I love her bangs so much.
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Guess who is almost half way done with their layaway?
I still need a name, maybe something French. Like Charlotte. I like that name. Damn I'm good cool
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I think I had a name picked even before I had a mold. xd

Was anyone else like that? Knew they wanted "this" name and then went hunting for a doll?

Or am I the only one? ninja

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