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Thank you! 4laugh heart
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Just swinging by quick to post my Soom Chrom head's face up, I've had the poor boy a year and had actually just put him up for sale, but I found a picture request thread of Dollshe and Chrom, so I acquiesced and gave him a face up and put him on Promith's body, and now I'm thinking he may not be sold after all... I'm also thinking I need to learn to paint the eyebrows along the actual brow line and not above it...

User Image

Otherwise, since I took Promith's head off I'm going to redo his face up now, since his current face is my third attempt at face upping ever and is ages old XD
Also thinking of redoing Kle's face up, since I've decided I want him more tan and less pinky like his previous owner had blushed him...
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I just got some eye lashes for my Ruan girl. I'll probably be applying them tomorrow.

At first I thought she didn't need them... But all my other dolls have lashes and without them she just looks a but plain.
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@ Nightwitch_Neko: he looks so cool! I have that same issue when I do eyebrows. I usually just end up doing them twice.

@ Tora: so cute! and what could be more exciting than an upcoming wedding! I'm so happy for you.

@ Yami: great hat, how did you shape the felt?
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Sorry that I've not been posting here in quite some time. Things have been hectic. Ha ha!
Anyway, I've gotten a new doll, a Hujoo Cojoo.

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Hey guys,
Catching up... my internet has been having connectivity issues so I'm in and out. If you don't hear from me again for a bit that's why.
Great question from Finlet about dolls named after yourself. I personally wouldn't name my doll my name since I don't like it lol [for those who don't know but most of you do my name is Kristin] but I did name Spore Spore as Fate pointed out. This is because Spore started out as an OC sort of thing but then became my handle for everything so now me Spore and Spore the character are a thing...
In terms of getting a doll that looks like me - my dolls reflect my personal style so it ends up that we occasionally look alike. I've been told a few times that Nora looks like me in certain hair/outfits. She's the doll that is supposed to be the most like me personality wise (well, Paige too since they are alternate versions of the same character). Maddy reflects my curious/brainiac side blown out of proportion and Spore is just Spore, a character so close to me that I can't even explain it.
So yeah, my dolls are all a little bit of me without being an exact replica. smile
I do have a friend who aspires to get a dollfie dream that looks like her and she wants to dress the same as it and take it to conventions. I think that would be creepy/cute.

@Finlet - Wow, David's doll is terrifying! I am impressed. This is one of the few times I have seen a monster high custom that isn't instantly recognisable as MH
Poor eithne, in that pic you posted you can really see the resin mismatch sad

@Tora - Ahhh Wataame looks so cute! *dies*

@Neko - Cool faceup ^^ I agree the brows just need to be a little lower. The lips look especially great!
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@ Spore: yeah, poor Eithne. I think Paige seems a bit you-ish from your youtube videos

@ Micro Chibi: grats! hujoos are so cool, and is that a button-eyed friend? Also, I saw your nail art blog.. so cool! your fish is gorgeous. If you visit my deviantart link from my sig you'll see some of my aquatic babies.

I wasn't gonna talk about them since they aren't dolls, but I heart my pets so much.
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@ Finlet Yes. I made a tiny doll with button eyes. I wanted her to have something when I got her.
Nail art blog?
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Whoops, sorry that was Lilac wood!
I'm a spaz and haven't had enough coffee yet.
Fizz and I had a girls night while Dave is away, stayed up late with a fire in the fireplace and slept in the living room. I'm gonna be half-awake all day.
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Well, for my little Cojoo, I've been making props. I'm now working on a bed for her!
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I saw the most gorgeous glass eyes o-o I wish they had 12mm D: Still debating on the eyes for my new doll coming home soon.
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I finished Alice's bed. I'm proud of it.
In character, my Amir (AoD Gu) got married today! Soooo sweet! His new husband belongs to my bff and should be arriving here to visit for a bit this week. I plan to take them to the garden in Opryland Hotel for pix, hopefully next weekend. Until then, here's Amir by himself:

User Image
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@ Courtney Laveau:
He looks lovely and amazing!

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