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@Ciel - Cool ^^ that would make your decision easier. Most of my friends are other types of geeks/nerds too - it's fun to all go to something together!

Paige has more than 1 outfit say what?
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@Spore XP - Oh my gosh! She looks adorable!

OMG, I am so far behind and I have missed so many pretty dolly pix. ;.;

Someone asked if I had pix of all of my dolls together....no, I don't. And I can't get one either. Reason being that at least 2, sometimes up to 6 of my dolls are always at my bff's house in Kansas. I honestly can't remember the last time I had them all home. And even though I claim 31, 6 are floating heads, 1 is on layaway, a couple have bodies in waiting.....I actually only have 22 home and together, complete and not away visiting right now. Though I DO have a body out for delivery right now and my BFF's BlueBlood Waltz visiting right now, and her 2 DZ Shengxi hybrid boys should be here next week. So....that gives me.....26 dolls in my possession as of next week. Plus my husband's DZ Xi Aleister and my sister's 13 dolls and 3 heads. So....you can see why keeping track is difficult around here....lol
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@ Courtney: impressive family! that's really nice of you to let your bff borrow them.
@ Nightwitch_Neko: that's awesome, he looks so perfect (scale-wise and in costume) in that setting.

Illyana spam:
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Also.. David finished his first MH custom! It will blow your mind. And if you thought I was creepy, just wait till you meet my husband twisted

and discussion topic: what does everyone think of naming a doll after yourself? Fizz and I named David's doll "David" as a joke because he refused to name him. I'm not sure if I want to name my b-day doll "Fin" or maybe "Fee". Finley isn't my real name but I enjoy using it as often as possible.
I find it wierd when people make a doll of themselves if it's not re-imagined... like those creepy My American girl dolls. They frighten me. It's like inviting voodoo upon yourself! sorry if I'm offending anyone, it's my uncanny valley.
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My sister actualy has one of those "Look like you" American girl dolls. And odly enough, she named it Nicole, her middle name. But she doesn't think of it as a doll based off of her, just.. similar features to make her more... hers? I don't know. xD

I would make a doll named Fate, but.. I use Fate SOOO often. She's normally the name I adapt for like.. all of my main characters in a roleplay. Plus Fate is my nickname, and has been for so many years >w< So I will probably never have one. Probably...I might have a change in heart one day. But if I do get one, i wouldn't think her, me.
I mean, Spore has a Spore doll, xD SO....xDD
I have one of those American Girl dolls meant to look like you too, but I chose one that looked nothing like me. lol

As for naming after yourself, none of mine are, but Loki's middle name is Edward, same as my husband's. Mainly b/c guys like to have their children carry on their names.....and Loki IS the kid, there will be no real ones. LOL

Also, my Iplehouse Mars hybrid is named Matt after my best friend that passed away a few years ago. The doll looks nothing like him, the character is very different, but the name and character's love of theater is after him.
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Ironic that the my american girl ad just popped up at the bottom of my screen, *shudder*
They're following me gonk
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i would love to have a doll of me~ because i am totally narcissistic. he would need to have a million wigs though because i change my hair radically every other month. sweatdrop
i don't know if he would have my real name though since i hate it.
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I plan to get a doll that's kinda sorta maybe supposed to be me but not really. emotion_awesome More of, we share some traits, but that's where it ends. She has a different name, style and her character lives a completely different life (she's my main doll's half-sister 4laugh ).
I don't think I'd want a doll that's supposed to actually be 100% me. I find it pretty fascinating when other people do it, it's just so .. not for me. Nope. Wouldn't even give a doll my name.
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It's kinda creepy to have a doll look like you. Fall is here, and it's time to sew fall clothing for dolls. UG!
@Hatsya- I can understand that completely! Amir and Loki (my first two) got their personalities basically by splitting my own in half and giving Amir the good half and Loki the bad half and letting them develop on their own from there. Which is funny, since 4.5 years later, what have they done? Amir, who started out so sweet and naive, is a total egotistical snarky b***h, and Loki, who starts out negative, stubborn and a fighter is actually sweet as can be, once you get past the crude attitude. I love how they develop on their own!
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@ Courtney Laveau: they sure do develop on their own! My dolls Arlette Eithne, Illyana and Heidi are like me split into 4, my sanguine, phlegmatic, melancholic and choleric sides. Sometimes I feel like I'm a multiple personality anyway, so moody!
But none of them really look like me.
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@Courtney: Oh yeah, it's really interesting to see how they sometimes seem to develop a completely separate dynamic. I had one of my first dolls start out as such a sweet, innocent little guy, and now he's the gloomiest and weirdest out of all of my boys.
It's funny what you say about giving Loki and Amir two sides of yourself. That's similar to what I did when I thought of said planned girl doll and her half-brother. Except, while she and I share quite a few traits, her brother is my complete opposite. We even have corresponding zodiac signs and silly stuff like that, haha.
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a have a character who has a personality and emotional range VERY close to my own, but he isn't me... He would be the closest thing -to- me though I wanna order him ><

Crobidoll Yeon-Ho
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Blah! I sewed together a bit for Rens Halloween costume... then realized I sewed together the wrong side of the fabric! I wasn't willing to rip it all apart though.. But my mom demanded that it had to be, so I told her to do it. Thus, she is now ripping the seams and redoing it for me. xD
I Had it together right first [since I'm doubling layers], then she asked how it was going to look on the doll. So I pulled apart the double layers [since they weren't pinned yet] to put it over Ren to show it off and obviously didn't pay attention well enough to realize what I was doing. I just wanted it donnnnneee.

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