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Hey, I had a question and I'm hoping y'all can help me out. I've seen some moccasin boots around in MNF and SD size, and I was wondering if anyone knew what company they're from? emotion_bigheart

You mean these ones? http://www.releaserain.com/servlet/the-3353/Dollfie-SD-Shoes-Suede/Detail
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XFateX - Yeah, school's hard to mask as anything but what it is XD I think Ren may be my favorite of your dollies~ X'3

Priill - Well, there's plenty of MN stores that sell doll-compatible moccasin keychains, but I dunno if you're in Minnesota, so I'm not sure how helpful that is XD

In an unrelated note, I love days off~ I get to sit here on my comfy chair with my blanket around me, my computer on the table next to me, the TV in front of me, and brownies baking in the oven~ And to top it all off, I have Gilly-dolly in my lap while I play with his hair(to which I utter out loud 'Seaweed' and snicker) and contemplate starting a drawing of some sort~

Unfortunately I dunno what I'm going to do with my day off tomorrow... I'm not lazy enough to do this two days in a row... Maybe I'll get started on Claude's armor... I love Hobby Lobby~ Or I could take a trip up to Mrs B's and go wig shopping... But SR Harris is on the way... Gahhh...

I've also decided my colored text is too annoying to read so I'm gonna stop doing that now.
Lady Cressida
You mean these ones? http://www.releaserain.com/servlet/the-3353/Dollfie-SD-Shoes-Suede/Detail

YES! I haven't seen them in Ivory before, but they're the same style as the brown ones I am searching for...so I'm going to assume they're from the same seller. I'll have to check her *bay and see if she has them listed there, too. Thank you! emotion_hug

Nightwitch_Neko: Unfortunately, I don't live in MN, so I can't grab any of those keychains. cry
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Yay! I got my compressor on ebay.. .
Fate: Kouji may and up getting airbrushed blushing if they ship it quickly to me.
i'm so excited ^^
Spore XP
New doll furniture donated to me by my coworkers at the daycare:
User Image User Image

They look so comfy sitting in their new furniture. biggrin User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
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Fin: How exciting! Yeaaah, I never made ...WAIT
I'm going to scratch that sentences--- I WOULD HAVE MADE IT TO THE POST OFFICE Saturday. Buuuut then I realized ALLLLLL of my bubblewrap is gone.
so I have to steal some from work to ship out his head. [because I want free Bubblewrap.]
So he will be sent Tuesday. xD
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This is a spoiler pic of hallows new look XD
User Image
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@Finlet - Yay airbrush! And I had almost forgotten about your chibi unoa! You have been waiting patiently.
I don't wear makeup either. I feel like people who always wear it look so weird and tired when they decide not to. I would rather just use it for special occasions (also I am lazy and just don't care about it).

@Nightwitch - That's a really cute photo of you with Gil. I don't know how anyone could mistake him for a girl!
You can still vote for the contest! I only got 4 votes so far. So you and anyone else can still PM me and I will post the winner sometime tomorrow.
Gosh days off are the best. This weekend has been crazy busy for me though so hopefully I can get some time to relax tomorrow evening before starting another busy week.

@Priill - I was going to point you to releaserain shoes too. I am sure the brown ones will be on there smile

@Yami - I like the orange hair, very vibrant!

Saffron was over today! We went to the Dollar Store in the afternoon and I taught her the way. We bought a lot of craft supplies and random stuff and Saf stole a dres off a weird little doll for her Pukipuki. She also gave me Paige's new wig, which looks great on her. Here are our dolls that we brought together (girl party!)
User Image
I could not get over how small Eliza is! She's adorable. It helped me with my decision that pukipukis are too small for me. She is a sweetie though~
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Neko: Hmm .. I think the first silicone chips I tried out came from Luts and then I got a bunch from a friend after he left the hobby, so I'm not sure where those came from.
But I imagine hardware stores would sell them.
You and Gil look great dressed like that btw! I have a weakness for Bernards anyways whee
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they have silicone chips at mintoncard... I don't like how they get sucked into the sockets though, and hotglue or moleskin has it's own issues too. My dolls just end up floppy, like lazy bums.

I got Eithne's mouth just right.. this time with a little smile:
User Image
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So pretty, Finlet! Her lips look cutely pink and glossy. And as always I adore her outfit - gorgeous corset~

It is my pleasure to announce the winner of the back to school photo contest. Congratulations to Nightwitch_neko for receiving the most votes! You will be receiving your prize shortly.
Thanks to everyone else who participated, and all who voted!
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There's a park everyone kept telling me to go to in my town so I went there today with my mom when she drove me back. I took Maddy and she got some photos taken of course smile The park was gorgeous! (move over Leslie Knope)

User Image User Image

There was a garden full of these plant things and every single one of them had a name. I took a photo of Maddy in front of the one called Niagara Falls to remind me of my hometown XD I wanted to take pictures of all of them because some were labelled such silly things, but there were way too many.
User Image User Image

There are old cannons pretty much everywhere here, I am discovering.
User Image

I also took an updated family photo when I got home. I will be putting it in my sig shortly smile If you have me on facebook or are in the bjdaddicts group there, I posted it already.
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Yami_No_Requiem - Ohhh, that's a very dynamic wig!

Spore XP - Thankies! I couldn't understand it, either! He's wearing pants for goodness sake! XD
They are the best, and I don't know how I did it, but somehow I ended up being lazy today as well and woke up at 6pm <o.O>

Hatsya - Hmmm, I might look at the hardware store next door, then... Thanks!
And thankies! The Bernards are my favourite Dollshe~ >w<

Finlet - Hmmm, I can see how that could happen a lot, I might get one pair just to try in my violinist and see how they work.
Eithne is so beautiful~

Wait, what? I won? <O.o>
Wow! Thankies! :'D
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Spore XP - Somehow your post snuck in there while I was typing up my other reply XD
That seems like an awesome park! I love Maddy's little hat~
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Spore XP - Somehow your post snuck in there while I was typing up my other reply XD
That seems like an awesome park! I love Maddy's little hat~

Ha ha thanks! It was a beautiful park. And Neo made the hat! Speaking of which, I have not seen here around in a bit. I hope she is doing well with school and such smile

I am trying to get started on a new dress for Paige but it's taking me a while to get organized. Gonna watch Gossip Girl at 9... XDD

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