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She does look like Pria! I miss that girls face! <3 Eithne looks great! And those eyes are to die for!
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thanks! I think I'll be re-doing it because I want something halfway between what she had and what I just did, the blendy shadow is just too dark...

bummer is, without the old msc on, her head doesn't match her body anymore stressed
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@Saf - I find it funny to hear your daycare stories. I was chuckling when I read your post on my phone earlier while I was on break at work. It must be really hard on the kids to be in daycare so young. I try to be fun for them.
One good thing about dolls that small - all you need is a tiny piece of fabric!

@Fin - Yay, Piper <3 Eithne really does have a Pria mouth now! Oh no, resin mismatch sad

@Lilac - That looks cool. Why stop now? lol

New doll furniture donated to me by my coworkers at the daycare:
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those are such bright and clear pictures! they look ready for school hehe whee
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well with tan and colored skin dolls in general there is always marbling, but sometimes it's a REALLY well mixed batch and you don't notice it because it is so close to being perfectly mixed.. but it is always there even if you can't see it with the naked eye
Hello everyone, I just found this thread today and thought I`d join. ^^;

Hello! Please call me: Well, I have a lot of nicknames but you can call me KJ.
About you: There's nothing much to know, i`m a strange person who can be very reserved but who is looking for friends with some similar interests. (Like this!)
How you got into the hobby: I've liked dolls for a long time but was scared to admit it until one year ago when I started my collection of Monster High dolls, I`m on the MH fan site a lot and noticed people talking about BJD's and I finally looked into them, realized how beautiful they are and thought this would be perfect for me. Though, I don`t have a lot of money I still love the dolls.
I have just recently gotten into BJD's (about August 2012) so I`m still a newbie about them. ^^;
Your dolls: I currently have bought one from FairyLand, but she is still 'processing'.
Name: Her name shall be Karter, hence my usernames on Flickr and DoA (if doa will ever accept my account ^^)
Sculpt: Fairy Land MiniF'ee Chloe
Date Received: Not received yet, but hopefully soon.
Personality/Backstory: Karter is a teen in her high school years who lost her 'friends' in 7th grade, she has been bullied since she was in kindergarter, just like her mother was. But with the advice of her mom she has learned to not care what anyone thinks of her and still attends school. (her mother dropped out and was home schooled for the rest of her school years because of bullies) Karter is a really nice and caring person once you get past her defensive side. She will stand up for her family and friends (if she had any, she currently only has one friend left from 3rd grade and through the 7th grade battle)
Karter loves reading and will read every chance she gets. Despite her classmates she loves science class, wood shop and art class. But that`s all the info i`ll give for now.
Favourite aspect of the hobby: What's not to like? I wish I could face-ups, I have some of the supplies but I`m really shaky. I just honestly love the dolls and what you can do with them.

Here is also a few things you might want to know, I've been on gaia since....08 or 09 ?
There's a long story as to why this account is new ^^ so sorry for looking noobish, please don`t let that get in the way.
Sorry if my English isn`t perfect, I`m American and English is my first language but good god the English language is messed up. My typing might also be incorrect (such as typos) from time to time because my laptop is old and the keys give out a lot but I don`t have the patient to go word by word and fix it.

I`m really happy to find a place with bjd lovers! And i`m excited to start talking and sharing with you all. <3
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those are such bright and clear pictures! they look ready for school hehe whee

My new room has lots of good lighting and the walls are white which makes everything clear smile Spore is studying hard, though I doubt anything is sinking in... XD

Hey KJ, welcome and congrats on your first resin BJD. smile
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Eeep, I have been absent and am now dreadfully behind! <@-@>
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woot! I bought my airbrush.
I still need to get a compressor, but still... halfway there!

also, I'm dying for my chibi unoa. My birthday is in 19 days. I have everything ready for her.

@ Nightwitch_Neko: wb! it's been awhile.
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Oookaaay, really belated reply times! If you can't remember what you wrote before this reply that's okay, just ignore it XD
I went up to the cabin where we don't have internet and then in rereading through the thread I found some topics to research and kept forgetting I was in the middle of replying XD

Finlet - I didn't take any pics, I'm sorry! I can take pics of how the mods look right now before I put the final layer of milliput over them to fill any gaps and match the resin(which I should have done long before now but I don't feel like unstringing him again just yet...)
Ohh, all the way in California XD It does sound like an optimal way to relax~
Heidi looks beautiful with that wig, though~
Cool goggles! Did you make those?
Yay airbrush! Good luck getting the compressor!
Yeah, just a little while~ >3>

Hatsya - Where would you get silicone chips? I can see them working best in the shoulder joints, which is what I usually have the most trouble with getting dolls to behave, but I've been too lazy to actually do any more research into them XD
I'm not big on Lollita, and I have no idea EGL means, but when I went to Ren Fest I had to match the doll I brought with me XD
User Image
Sort of, poor Gil, everybody kept thinking he was a girl...

Eludya - Yay first dolly! :'D Awww, too bad about the weedtrimmers, though D':
Oh, but those pants look so cool!

Spore XP - I do? :'D Yes, or at least give the option of taking the glue-sueding out before sending it...
Gah, it looks like I missed the voting for the contest, oops, I'll have to keep track of that next time :,P
Awww, those chairs look perfect for your dolls! It's nice your coworkers thought of you :'D

Roslyn Pryce - Yes~ It's always good to give dollies some TLC to keep them in optimal posing form~ XD Ohhh, make sure to take more pictures~ :'D

Taruun - Awww, cute! I love the little mittens~

Saffron - Thank you! :'D Other than aesthetics, posing is the most important thing to me, a doll body can look amazing, but if I can't pose it worth squat I don't want it... At the same end, it can pose amazingly, but if it doesn't look good, I still don't want it... I have issues finding bodies I like D'X
Awww, Eliza is adorable!

The Sexiest Hobo Around - Awww, the little ghostie is so cute!

XFateX - Cute photostory, I'm not that big into Adventure Time, but the 'Kouji... Go to school!' part made me laugh XD

Shattered Ciel - Ouch, good luck with the rest of Scare actress thing >.O

Courtney Laveau - Oooh, Kaid is very lovely~

Lilac Wood - Very pretty, I love all of the red she has.

Tragedy Endless - Hi! Hope you have fun when your dolly finally arrives! :'D

I think I've yet to meet an Enviro resin doll, but from pictures I think I prefer the Urethane resin... I've also heard that Enviro resin yellows faster, and since I'm uber paranoid about my dolls going yellow (especially my tan dollies, whatever happens I don't want them to turn green!) I've never really thought about trying to see one...

And Soom, oh Soom... I still want a Gluino... And my Shoshon's hooves...
Also, I've been looking through threads where people have been doing experiments on what will affect resin, apparently Soom resin can take a beating~ Excluding anything that happens from the sun, of course...
I haven't had much of a problem with marbling in either of my tan dolls, though my Shoshon had two tiny little air pockets that left him with little denst where they were... One on his chest piece which is the one I'm always mourning over, and I can't remember where the other one was because it wasn't in a place that bugged me as much as the chest piece one...

My mom has an airbrush for putting on her make up, and she said I could borrow it if I wanted to use it so long as I cleaned it out, but I'm leery of using something that had oil based human make up in it, no matter how much I try to clean it out before using it...
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@ Nightwitch: I looked back and realized that the thread has moved a lot in just 10 days.. time flies. You look so pretty! I love Ren faires.

about makeup.. I don't wear foundation, I feel it clogs the pores too much. I'm getting really old though, maybe I should start. rofl
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Thanks Nightwitch. >w< Rens pointer finger makes for good..scolding photos I guess. I wish I could have gotten more clearer pictures, but I was in such arush t get pics done, since I was taking them while my nephew napped. >w<
Kouji has an imagination on him. >w<
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Finlet - It has! I was surprised. Thank you! :'D Ren Fest is my most looked forward to event of the whole year, I didn't know if it was a cool thing or a sad thing that I felt at home as soon as I was through the gates...

I don't like make up, it makes me feel like I'm looking at someone else in the mirror... So the only times I've ever worn makeup has been at Halloween or family occasions where my mom used her one-a-year gift from me to let her dress me however she wanted... XD

XFateX - It does make a good scolding figure XD He must, well, it's better to think of school as an adventure than as school, right? XD
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x3 I don't think Kouji could mask school as an adventure once he got there, though. >w<
Rens probably the one who argues th emost with...anyone. Though he's a pretty chill doll.
Kai just doesn't like responsibility, so he's not a very good role model for Kouj. xD [my redhead in the back of the one picture.]
Hey, I had a question and I'm hoping y'all can help me out. I've seen some moccasin boots around in MNF and SD size, and I was wondering if anyone knew what company they're from? emotion_bigheart

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