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Hey you! Welcome to the super-thread! Didja join Dairyland too?

Edit: I feel a little guilty, I sent Dollmore a message asking them when they thought it would ship since I figure it'll take about a week to get here, and I do kinda wanna make sure it's not going to get delivered on a Wednesday or Thursday. Mum's out at the Family History center then, so if I have to work, no one's home. Even though no one from the street can see our front door (Courtney knows what I'm talking about since she's been to my house now) I'm still not real comfortable with that idea, especially since it's not just my stuff in the boxes.

@Environmental Resin Discussion: I'm kind of wondering if it's Island Dolls' enviro resin that's awesome or if all of it will be, 'cos I've seen a few people say Loongsoul's isn't as smooth.

No, haven't joined Dairyland yet. I figured I'd go one step at a time. lol

I think all of my Dollmore orders have required a signature, so if that's still the case, they wouldn't leave it without that. smile

And on enviro Resin---every enviro I've had was equally amazing. I haven't seen Loongsoul's, but old RingDoll, BlueBlood, Jie Doll are really awesome!
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@Lilac - Souldolls are a such strange sizes! We just have to do our best to clothe them because they are awesome ^^

@Fate - I am aware my clothing isn't stitched the best, due to the hand stitching... I can believe it would come apart - it does on me sometimes. I refunded her.

@Courtney - Hey, welcome smile Sounds like you have quite the dolly family, and cool that you know Eludya!

@Eludya - You most likely have a bit of a wait in store, since you ordered a doll along with all the other stuff. Yeah it's definitely the thing that makes it look more like flesh, just not for me! I like a non-realistic look for my dolls. It's interesting to see the opinions of others smile

I haven't gotten any PMs with votes for the photo contest yet! =(
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My little Alexis Michelle is an IslandDoll Sophia.

User Image

Yeah, not a big fan of the way her resin looks so plastic-y and translucent, but I love her. 4laugh

@ Spore: I just cast my vote. smile
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@Courtney - Oh that's good to know. When I was still with my ex-husband we got a package once that they just left on the doorstep, no knocking or signature, didn't even take it to our apartment complex's office like most other packages do, and someone stole it... So I'm a big fan of signatures for delivery.

@Spore - ... Totally forgot it was ready for voting, done now. I figured I had the usual gamble that Dollmore's been known to ship things, even full dolls when they're blank and such, within a few days... Just hoping I'll have her before the end of the month though so she can go to Columbus with me. If I have her long enough to give her a temp face up great, otherwise I won't do it until I've picked up some MSC there.

You're like the opposite of me... and my sis is halfway between. She loves the enviro resin but IMO all her facial sculpts are ... pretty anime style, really. Except her Bernard. Whereas I turn around and I keep realizing the sculpts I like the best are the ones I can sort of more see as having been a real person, whether it's because somehow I see more emotion in the expression, or because sometimes I feel like I've seen a model or actor that had similar qualities to the face.

@Tora - Ohhhh Alexis is? I think maybe the only thing that bothers me you can see in this photo, is sometimes the hands get a little too translucent. But the tan resin didn't have that nearly as much as Alexis looks to, or Elenra (Oneesan's MSD) who's a light skin tone... At least, Kaid didn't appear to have it, being SD sized.
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Yeah, I bet getting enviro in tan would be perfect for those who want the smoothness without the translucence. 3nodding
@Spore - Thanks for the welcome! I do have a pretty large doll family.....If you include floating heads and dolls on layaway, I have 31. smile

About enviro being too translucent, I think it might be on smaller dolls. I don't have any smaller than MSD. Here's Hansel, on the IslandDoll MSD body and he's not very translucent IMO. He's normal skin

User Image
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@Hobo; True that, I want to bring my itty bitty girl everywhere with me, it would be so easy. xDD But she's too distracting! I'll never get any schoolwork done at this rate. >_>;

@Darksangel; Congrats! :'D You should definitely post pics of her! x3

@Fate; Lolol Kouji as Finn... he is way too gloomy for that. xDD P.S., now that I have a Pukipuki... you can test her out as a Kai minion? xD

@Spore; Bring a dolly home with youuu! Or more than one if you can manage. xD Well, you looks like you have to bring Paige, because the wigs came in today. We need to see what this one will look like on her. :3 I'm going to bring Eliza and Ophelia, probably. Maybe Rosa. She likes to sneak her way in there. xD I kind of want to meet up with my friend who is magically now a BJD collector, her dolls look so cute, she is really good at styling them. I just wonder if she will be free and I wonder if we could do some kind of dolly get together thingy or something. >_>
It's funny because everything you described about your job reminds me of when I was in daycare and I remember that same sort of routine and the exact same thing happening with the kids being bored in the washroom... xD I was always the good kid who was quiet so I got really annoyed when the other kids went and ruined it and we all got in trouble. Sounds like with practice you will get really good at anticipating the kids' reactions and you'll be able to manage them in no time. x3

@Courtney; Welcome! ^.^ Kaid really does look super smooth, I don't normally like NS enviro resin, but the tan looks so good! <3
I think you're right about the smaller dolls being more translucent though, it seems the thicker parts always look fine. 5star's enviro is pretty translucent in the fingers of their MSDs so it always turned me off, but I'm sure the thicker handed dolls and larger dolls look great in it in NS.

@Eludya; Man, finding the perfect sculpt for Eludya is taking a lot of research, eh? I wish I could comment on the size comparisons and resin but I have no experience there. x.x Probably good that she doesn't make it onto your definitely list right away. Must delay the inevitable "MUST HAVE" moment that drives all doll owners to buy buy buy. >___>
So exciting that your Biwol is finally ordered! It seems like forever since you first decided you wanted her. I would guess it would take a month before she ships, but I have no clue about Dollmore's timing! I'm gonna be waiting til Christmas at least for my Mega Gem... daaaang. xD

Also, Eliza got her wigs! <3
Not the best pics, but I hope to take more with my other dolls when it's not so gloomy outside.

You can see how tiny she is. x3
User Image

With this wig, I feel she is destined to dress up as Rini/Sailor Mini Moon. xD (If I can get that darn hair into pigtails, that is.)
User Image

Aaaaand then I realized I put the wig on the wrong way the first time so I flipped it around to see if I could get it right. xDD
I did have to cut the bangs a bit on both wigs, I expected that so it was okay.
User Image
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*Pokes head in*

Hey all! Since I'm up early waiting for the FedEx guys to bring me my first ever BJD, I figured I might poke my head in here :3
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*Pokes head in*

Hey all! Since I'm up early waiting for the FedEx guys to bring me my first ever BJD, I figured I might poke my head in here :3

how exciting! who'd you get?

@ Courtney Laveau: welcome, what a great shirt on Kaid! I've never seen enviro resin before.

@ Lilac Wood: wb ^^ I love soulkids so much. I forgot who you have...
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I got a Doll Chateau Ingemar, blank WS, and he just arrived! I guess posting here was good luck wink

Gonna open him up shortly, once my significant other is awake. The package is half my height ^____^
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I can't wait for my little girl to arrive. I hope it doesn't take long...
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I hate waiting on shipping notices.. x-x;

I've got Two I am waiting on right now, and still dealing with a layaway for my SOOM Taco from a friend of mine
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Sounds like there are a lot of dolls due to arrive soon for you guys biggrin Who are you all waiting for, if I might ask?
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Sounds like there are a lot of dolls due to arrive soon for you guys biggrin Who are you all waiting for, if I might ask?

I am waiting on a Soom Teenie gem body with extra hands in cream white, and I am also waiting on a Soom Wave with extra lower body

☆Count Downs☆
Issac Business Day: 19
MNF Chloe Business Day: 15
Limhwa Half Elf, Rinnie & Malaren Day: 29

I'm so excited that I'll be next in line to have my dollies faceuped by Meggilu. heart I have got to say that I miss having my two little ones around the most of any doll I've ever owned.
In dolly news, I received two of the three Mako Eyes I ordered and I think I may need to get bigger ones for Issac and Rin. sweatdrop I ordered a tad small. I'm also planning on getting Grail who will be a PKF Zio. I'm so excited to get Grail. xD He's such a funny character and them PKFs are stealing my soul!
I'm probably a little late on getting to some of these messages, but I try!

@ Spore XP:
Can I just say Nora looks fantastic with a fur wig? I think she'd make such a cute brunette.

@ Finlet:
Heidi looks really good with black hair even though it's not her usual style. xD I bet Fizz loved re-painting ponies with you, you're such an awesome mom. Spending time with your little one must be so much fun especially when you have things in common.

@ Saffron Blehckchah:
Exploding is the best thing I do. xD
I should be getting him by the end of this month! It'll be great to finally have him home safe and sound. :3
Dem wigs, are cute! I really like the style of the green one and the pink one is to die for. She's so tiny! ><

@ The Sexiest Hobo Around:
Yes'm~ I'll be sure to share her lots once she's home. ^.^

@ Eludya:
It sucks so bad when it just sits on Before Shipping. xD I can't stand it! Especially when there's no change for weeks. I would say that contacting wouldn't be a bad thing. I did that with IH to see why my status was Before Shipping and they told me that Issac would be here by the end of October. So, try go and ask. ^.^

@ Courtney Laveau:
A warm welcome to you and Kaid. heart

@ Toraojou:

She's adorable, so that makes up for it. :3

@ Shattered Ciel:
I completely forgot to congradulate you on being a scare actress. So here's a big grats to you! heart

Something Random:
You guys should've heard the hilarious thing me and my boyfriend came up with last night about Rin and Issac's relationship.
Malaren grows up and gets Issac's memories.
Grail: You realize that Rinnie is about a thousand and some odd years your junior.
Issac freaks out: Oh, God, I'm a *****! I fell in love with an eight year old.

Of course there are lots of things missing, but that's the gist of it. lol

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