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I missed out on Cherish's limited faith heads ;_; I am eyeballing a tan DZ Nani that needs some work and TLC on the MP. I have a character planned out in my head for her <3
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@Roslyn - I know what you mean on the waiting. I'm still staring at Dollmore's page hoping it will change from "Before Shipping" to "Shipping" ... I have to resist the urge to ask how long it'll take but given their history I'm gonna wait until the 2 week mark on the 9th. I'm really hoping to have her by the end of the month since I'm trying to get off for the doll show in OH with Thothep...

@Spore - Kids are monsters (Although many grow up to be even worse, ugh) >_< But that's me. I was kind of debating seeing about doing substitute teaching down here once or twice a week in a science or math at middle school level but I honestly don't know if I have the patience to even do it once.

@Finlet - Heidi looks great with black hair though! Also how old is that MLP toy? She looks a lot more like the old style ones...

@anyone - So, something tells me I may not be the only person in the house making clothing for my doll. Or at the very least they may not be all MY decisions. My mother is discussing how she thinks I should dig into classic Red Carpet Celeb fashions, branching out of the fantasy/ren/medieval/steampunk. I told her I fully intend to, something tells me I may be doing it sooner rather than later though o_O;

Nyahaha she keeps trying to get me to experiment to make stuff for Miss Revlon. THAT'S YOUR DOLL MOM, YOU MAKE HER CLOTHING. rofl

She is a my little pony i got from mcdonals when i was like 6 rofl
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ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! my BJD came in like last week and her faceup is finally done!whoo hooo its not crappy looking!
so now i have to struggle through conversions to see if i can make some barbie patterns work for her. haha sweatdrop
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Anyone up for tinychat? I think I got myself into some major restoration project I need to chat about lol
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Here's my.. what was supposed to be better pictures, but failed to be so because my computer crashed and I lost my original piecing of it together. xD

User Image
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@Saffron - Nora does look totally awesome right now. She was looking a little boring to me lately so I am glad I switched up her look because she is awesome again. smile And yeah, seriously Kaylen? They don't look THAT similar! Maybe once he sees them in person he'll get it right. Yay I hope our wigs make it~ Yes I am coming home for thanksgiving ^^ My mom said our side is doing something so I will be there. I didn't even think about bringing a doll home with me but I will if you want me to. Your choice as to which you want to see.
Today was a crazy day of course - one of my kids would not sleep at all (he screamed for a solid hour) and then he had a little accident so I called in my supervisor to help me clean that up... but everyone played nicely outside and ate lots of snack and lunch.
This is what our day looks like: washroom (I get super excited for them when they pee on the potty), songs and story with all the classes, outside time, circle time, washroom, lunch, sleep, washroom, snack, craft, washroom, outside time again! also, there is extra washroom every time someone has a "BM" between washroom times. So the day is almost excusively routine, I have to plan for like 45 minutes of it. So it's all management. Getting them to wait patiently in the washroom is the worst because they love to turn on the tap and flush the toilets and walk around but they all have to wait in there when there is only one teacher because they have to be in the room with you. So they read a book but I am not very good at keeping them sitting yet sad

@Hobo - That would be cool, but yeah I would be worried about ruining it too sad And it's so pretty >__<. Nora has a lot of looks! I think it really depends on what wig she is wearing. The long ones make her look more childish, shorter makes her look more sassy. Being an official toddler teacher is so tiring! (see text block above lol) But when the kids say my name or like want to take me places to show me things or play with them I melt.

@Eludya - I have had a lot of positive experiences with children, but I leave them to the hands of the amazing people who can handle them once they get into grade 7 and beyond (not for me!). I was really worried when I found out I would be student teaching grade 6, but the kids were absolutely amazing and I seriously loved that class! I think it really depends on the group. My toddlers have their ups and downs but they are cute! They're too young to give attitude, though some cooperate much less than others. I am learning to put up with temper tantrums and kids testing me. I have a difficult time laying down the law.
lol yes, your mom needs to make clothes for her own doll! XD

@Cressida - That sounds promising! Go for it, Cressida~ I think she would fit really well into your family. If you're still around, I can tinychat smile

@darksangel - Congrats, post a pic! What sculpt is your new doll?
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Ha ha, very cute, Fate!

Now that the final entry is in, please PM me your votes for photo of the month.
As usual, all photos are in the second (contests) post on the front page. Voting will be open until Friday. You can PM me the entry number or the username of the contestant you are voting for - as long as I can understand it's all good.
Good luck folks~
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I was proud of my sewing of the hat and backpack. xD
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I was proud of my sewing of the hat and backpack. xD

I was disappointed that you put yourself down on your entry! That's no way to be a winner. I like the photo of Kouji slipping the backpack on. When is he getting a face again, btw?
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When I have money to ship him to fin. I thought I did last paycheck, but was wrong since people bailed on buying stuff off of me. x.x;
I liked the pic of him with his backpack too. >w<
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@Spore: On there now
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@ Fate: I'm sorry shipping is so much ; ; I hope I can work on him soon. I really like how adventure time he looks.

@: darksangel34: yay! I would love to see her
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It's not even that it costs so much.. A little bit is so much to me. xD
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@Spore - I think I got through to mom when I explained why the chainmaille bikini I made didn't fit any doll but Miss Revlon, since despite her being a "mature body" (with boobs and hips and all that) she's still made to a more flat structure like a child doll, with much wider shoulders and spread on everything. So for now I'm sketching. Got two dresses... well, designed from the front. And really wishing I could order my nYID girl sooner than sometime in the next four years >_> Because this would be awesome to be making on that body. Dollmore's YouthEve almost seems to be a tad smaller than other bodies supposedly the same size.

@Fate - D'aaawwwwwww he looks so cute with the backpack and hat.

Man, guys, I almost went about out of my nut earlier when someone knocked on the door and left a package... But it was the new ice-maker drawer for the fridge. *twitch*
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x-x;; *rolls* God my first weekend as a Scare actress was painful...

I got some good squeaks/ flinches and screams... but I also bashed my knee into the tile floor of our fireplace room... x-x;; Then We had a scare to us actors and it was a strong smell of lighter fluid or propane and we couldn't find the source.. so that was scary for EVERYONE.. x-x

Then I torqued my back making sure I didn't trip.. and a bunch of rude rowdy boys came in tormented all of my loves and punched me in the jaw! D:


So rough..

and I have 14 more days of this WEEEE?! O_O;;; ouch.. ;-;

On a dolly note though the market place needs to MOVE ;-;

I need to sell my Mo

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