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when I'm waiting for a doll I sew up a storm and prepare a place for them. It's too exciting!

@ Eludya: what happened with food coloring?

P.S. : I'm in love with the new DM Shiloh girl.. however I still feel content with my doll family and don't feel the need to fall off the wagon.
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@Fate - lol I cringed. I was brave though! Good luck at work.

@Finlet - She is a gorgeous doll. Those soft colours... so pretty!

I am thinking of entering Crobidoll's Gangnan Style photo contest. More Info but I am a bit confused as to where to post the pic.
Any awesome ideas as to where Spore should do the horse dance? (if I can even get him in that pose with those floppy legs >__< wink

EDIT: Rode my bike down my street and discovered there is a park that is an old fort with cannons and stuff. It was locked (I guess they only keep the grounds open until 5) but I smell a dolly photoshoot in the near future!

Also, here is a video showing my apartment and my dollies of course, which are in it!
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when I'm waiting for a doll I sew up a storm and prepare a place for them. It's too exciting!

@ Eludya: what happened with food coloring?

P.S. : I'm in love with the new DM Shiloh girl.. however I still feel content with my doll family and don't feel the need to fall off the wagon.


This happened. I was trying for purple and couldn't get anything not puce ... It's a terrible shade. And also almost what my ExHub insisted we paint our bathroom.

Dolly meet went well though, I showed them how I set the eyelets in Ciel's outfit.
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Spore - I have the new 47cm Soulkid boy body, I love it, it's so streamlined(I love the knees the best) and the joints lock so well that he's actually my sturdiest stander. I should take a few pictures with his sleeves up sometime to show off his nice biceps, too~

But here's a couple examples of his prowess at standing in awkward positions:
User Image
User Image
User Image

Thank you~ >w<
I actually thought that I was supposed to submit three photos because everyone else had so far and I couldn't find any rules stating how many pictures one had to enter XD

Really? :'D
Thank you! I love playing with poses with my Dollshe boys~ The Pure body gets into and stays in poses better than Gil's old body, but I love the challenge that much more~ Promith is actually my most natural poser, but I have more fun getting the Dollshes to look natural even though they tend to go praying mantis with their arms at times XD

Taruun - Cute! I love that little magazine!

Finlet - Oh, she's beautiful! I'm always amazed at what people can do with the Monster High dolls~

Spore(again XD ) - Congratz on completing the moving!

They do look like a little family! Who's the lovely boy with the elf ears and goggles~?

And a fort! Exciting! I'll look forward to seeing photos from there!

Ouja Akuma - You are most definitely not the only one~! I had an outfit sewn and a buch of little props and a whole new bin of sewing stuff along with a new camera dedicated to Promith before he arrived~ And it's only gone downhill from there XD

Eludya - Awww, poor cupcakes! At least your bathroom was spared?

...Alright! I think I'm caught up!
Sorry, I was at Ren Fest this past weekend~ Again... But I found a little Flail for Claudious! Now I get to set about making him a little suit of armor! 8'D
Starting with a tunic and leggings, and leather boots, and a little crown with a cloak and vest, then the armor include a helm and visor, oh, he'll be my little Flail wielding Elven Prince~
Of course this means I'm going to have to find him a sword, too... And a horse...
Oh, Claude, how often I now find I want to make/buy things for him~
User Image
(Sorry for the poor quality photo, it's dark now so I have to rely on indoor lighting XD )
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Spore XP

Well, I never buy outfits/clothing since I can make them myself, but oh boy. The amount of shoes my 2nd boy will be getting is ridiculous. xD;;


I don't plan on buying things for my dolls unless I know they're going to be purchased. Since I have one last payment on this boy, I'm spending money like crazy on him....xD;;


I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one.
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@Eludya - Your cupcakes remind me of Barney XD Glad your meet went well!

@Neko - That's awesome! he is totally pro! I suck a posing, have any pointers? XD
The elf eared boy is my friend's Doll Family ZiLuo, his name is Nox smile
That flail is sweet~

@Ouja - I like to have one or 2 "good" purchased outfits for each of my dolls. I try my best to make the rest of their wardrobe smile My Souldoll Star is sized right in between MSD and SD though so I will be making all her clothing myself. >__<
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Spore - Thank you! :'D Hmmm, from the natural look side: it helps if you're familiar with whatever you're trying to accomplish pose-wise, try posing yourself in front of a mirror to see what looks and feels most natural and then try replicating it with the doll. I learnt that with drawing hands and action poses, actually XD Sometimes the tiniest thing will be off because it's not something the human body can or wants to do naturally, but you wont realize it until you try to do the pose yourself and find you can't or that it looks that little bit different... On the technical side, just playing with your doll's stringing and tension can help sometimes, getting used to what poses it likes to get into or exactly what its range of motion is in each direction and then comparing it to your own, it's more fun and easier to learn what different poses are available simply by playing 'copy me' with the doll and a mirror XD
I do that a lot with Promith, actually, since we both have violins, I've gotten some fun poses out of him:
User Image
User Image
User Image
User Image
Because playing an instrument is like dancing with a beautiful maiden~ Even if the maiden isn't actually there at the moment...

Sorry, that was a long explanation, and I'm not an expert at posing by any means, but I hope that helps? I don't think I've seen much in the way of posing pictures from you so I couldn't really opinionate if you honestly actually need any improvement there or not XD All of the sitting and cuddly poses I've seen from your dolls so far have looked natural and adorable, though~

Ohhh, I'll have to look up that sculpt, he's gorgeous~
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So were back... OMG I walked 36 city blocks yesterday (around 2 kilometers) then today I walked another 1-2 kilometers.... my legs hate meeeee.....

On the bright side Hallow found a backpack she liked so I bought it for her... then she found some charms she liked so I bought them for her. She wasnt thrilled about the Sanrio store, but she liked the halloween stuff.

She also went to a little place called 'Pardon My French' and had a little tart, now we are all half dead.

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User Image

User Image

This is a commission hat
User Image
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Hello! Please call me: Nizaya
About you: Ehm... I love cats!
How you got into the hobby: since I saw a blog of a girl who has BJD's.
Your dolls / Name/ Sculpt: MSD Rebecca from Ringdoll (Alloise), MSD Ling Ri from DikaDoll (Connor), SD Lingfeng from Doll Family (Ferdinand), MSD Maria from DikaDoll (Ginevra) and MSD Ryuna from DreamingDoll (Brigitte).
Date Received: Alloise: July of 2010, Ferdinand: March of 2011, Ginevra and Connor received on January of 2012 and Brigitte will come soon (in transit) :p
Alloise: weak, reserved, perfectionist and naive.
Ginevra: conceited, atractive, jealous and resentful.
Connor: sweet, generous, dedicated and loverlike.
Ferdinand: Smart, protective, open minded and creative.
Brigitte: Loyal, friendly, tender and adorable.

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image

She's still on transit!

Favourite aspect of the hobby: Customizations!
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@Nightwitch - No, the bathroom at the house my ExHub has is really that kind of pink. Raspberry pink. I wanted sunshine yellow but NOOOOOOOOOO "YELLOW'S ICKY". I could kill him, but hey, not my house anymore, not my problem if he ends up having to sell and the bathroom sends people screaming.

My mother's bathroom here at the house is a dark red, but it's got a window in it that gets sun like 12 hours of the day, so yeah, totally awesome actually.

@Ouja Akuma - Well, I know I'm ordering her because she's my first doll and I've been planning this while making myself slowly save over the last several months, but I wanted to take advantage of a couple sales/GOs so I got a few things prepped for her. I'll be ordering her this week biggrin

@Spore - ... oh Barney. Oh that just makes it worse, maybe I should have let them go puce. You're right though, but on the other hand, it's not stopping my co-workers from claiming dibs on Facebook.

@Nizaya - Hello new friend! Pwetty dollies biggrin
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Hey everyone I havent been around in awhile! Just been really busy! I was wondering if anyone here thinks they would be able to do this faceup when I get my littlefee

So of course its still a lil while away but im trying to get everything ready for her! Im getting her wigs and outfits! Ive never been so excited over a doll!
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Yami_No_Requiem - That's a lot of walking! Looks like you had lots of fun~

Nizaya - Hello! You have a lovely little collection there, I'll look forward to seeing more of them~

Eludya - Wow, that's really pink... I used to live in a house that had peasoup green as the bathroom's color XD Why do the poor bathrooms always get the weirdest colors? Your mother's bathroom bathroom sounds nice, though~

Hmmm, it occurs to me now how far into the hobby I have come, as I nonchalantly remove the previous owner's glue sueding from inside the hip sockets of Da's body whereas when I had to do the same to Kle's body a year and a half ago I was blushing profusely and trying not to look at what I was doing... I suppose it helps that the DollFamily's bodies aren't nearly as detail oriented as Soom's...
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@ Spore: I love your new place! a little sunshine won't be too bad. I use uv-cut spray so that should help.
@ Nizaya: beautiful pictures! I almost ordered a Dikadoll Maria to be my Heidi, I love the sculpt.
@ Yuki: I'm pretty sure I can handle that facup, atleast you know what my faceups look like in person by Cici! how's she working out for you, btw?
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@Nightwitch - Ah, the violin poses are fabulous! I adore the sound of violins and wish I had learned to play. D;
lol I don't usually do many posing pictures, just basic little photostories for the most part. This photostory is probably the most posey I have ever gotten, but my 5SD Ria is an amazing poser. I think my bigger dolls need some sueding and thicker string.

@Yami - Sounds like an eventful day! smile I like the hat.

@Nizaya - Welcome! Lovely dolls, Alloise is particularly gorgeous smile

@Yuki - That faceup is so cute! I suggest Finlet XDD

@Finlet - Ah thanks! Most of my dolls' bodies have been sprayed over with UV cut as well so I am not freaked out n__n
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Haha, finally all of the old glue sueding is out of Da's hips and knees! Now I just need to sand the chips in his torso, the scratches on the bottoms of his feet, make the grooves in his hips and calves line up with the way the string actually sits, and he should be able to stand like a pro! I knew this body had promise~ Now I just need to check and see if the previous owner put any sueding in his arms, I forget if I saw that before...

Spore - Thank you! Aw, it's never to late to learn! I do love the stringed instruments the best~
Aw, little Link is so adorable! All the exploring and fighting scenes are done superbly! And the sneaking scene, that was awesome XD Especially the distant approaches and the fighting scenes, I envy your ability to keep track of multiple movements within frames~ I don't really think you need any advice on posing, that photostory was awesome! <@3@>

I've heard the 5StarDolls are amazing little posers, I keep trying to avoid expanding my wishlist with one of them X'3 Thicker string might help, I haven't actually been fond of anything to do with sueding, it often makes things more difficult to me, but I've yet to see it be done really well so that all of the joints still fit in their sockets properly... My Promith(who is a Luts, this will be relevant later XD ) was really awkward for me to pose in the beginning, even after loosening his stringing, but the more I played with him the more he fell into natural poses and the more I learned what he was able to do without resorting to sueding or wiring, and now he's one of my best posers. I refuse to suede or wire any of my dolls now, due to issues with second hand bodies in the past, as noted by Da's most recently obtained body in the beginning of this post XD
Instead I just spend an hour playing with their joints until I get used to them, since each one's joints want to move differently.

But I do know someone who sews for BJDs and other dolls as her profession; she had to temporarily obtain a Luts doll to make an outfit, and she absolutely hated trying to pose it, she said she'd never get one for herself because it was just so difficult to work with. So yeah, it might also depend on the doll? XD

Sorry again for another lengthy reply >->

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