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Hello and welcome to the BJD Discussion thread!
We are a great group of people who are lovers or owners (or often both) of Ball-Jointed Dolls, and everything related to the hobby.
We welcome everyone with a passion for BJDs of all sizes, shapes, and companies.
Feel free to introduce yourself and your resin kids, spam pictures of your resin cuties, discuss your dolly dreams, and let us keep you occupied through the wait.

The BJD Discussion now has an official tinychat!
Please feel free to join us at http://tinychat.com/gaiabjd to IM, video or voice chat with fellow dolly lovers!

Photo of the Month

See Post #2, Contests, for more details on how you can participate in the next round.

Introduction Posts
You can introduce yourself through any means, but feel free to use this form, making any necessary changes.
You may need to create multiple copies of the subheadings under the 'Your dolls' heading if you have multiple dolls and wish to introduce them individually.
Also if you don't have any any dolls yet, you can replace this with some of your favourite sculpts, your dolly wishlist, or with information about your incoming doll(s).
Please include photos! Everyone loves photos.

[b]Hello! Please call me:[/b]
[b]About you:[/b]
[b]How you got into the hobby:[/b]
[b]Your dolls:[/b]
[i]Date Received:[/i]
[b]Favourite aspect of the hobby:[/b]
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Photo Contest

No contest at this time.

Name that Sculpt!

BJD lovers, it is time to put your sculpt knowledge to use in this challenge! Below is posted an image which contains a variety of BJD photos. It is your job to identify these lovely dolls by sculpt name to the best of your ability!
The user who scores the most points will have a prize choice of 20k Gaia Gold or a BJD random item gift bag (must be comfortable with giving out your address)

Contest is now closed. New round coming soon.
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Linkable Banners

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By Lady Tora


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By Finlet

[url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/toys-collectibles/the-bjd-discussion/t.72955989_1/][img]http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d163/hollyava/Bjd dolls/banner2.jpg[/img][/url]

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By Finlet

[img]http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d163/hollyava/Bjd dolls/banner2-1.jpg[/img][/url]
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This thread is now open! Though I will continue some construction, I will fill in my own introductory post:

UPDATED! After 2 years... haha

Hello! Please call me: Spore =D
About you: I'm a 24 year-old university teacher with some spare time and money, perfect for this hobby lol
How you got into the hobby: I really only got into the hobby this year, after looking for something fun to spend my money on other than comics. I have always been a big collector of action figures and other trinkets, and love sewing, so this kind of just fell into my life.
Your dolls:

User Image.
Spore (Crobidoll Jun), Paige (Souldoll Star), Kess (RS Li), Nora (Slinkyneko Jr. Borry on AE female MSD body), Spencer (Luts KDF Nana), Maddy (Lati Green Gr. Up Lea)
I also have an unnamed, blank 55cm obitsu who is a work in progress!

Favourite aspect of the hobby: I love sewing and creating looks for my dolls, but my favourite part is probably just meeting others and their dolls. So fun!
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Hi Spore biggrin
I'm here *sparkle sparkle* with my little family XD

I like how this thread looks like, it's neater than the other one c:
I shall use the form~

Hello! Please call me: Neo
About you: I'm weird?.. jk. I like to be creative~. I'm interested in Japanese fashionstyles. I love history, and I also like reading *adores books*, writing and drawing~
How you got into the hobby: Read once about them in a magazine (AniWay). I found it interesting but none of the pictures shown in it attracted me. Then a friend showed me the site of LUTS, calling them LUTS dolls (Then I told her they were BJD :3), and I fell in love with Kid Delf Hodoo. I didn't understand the whole delf thing because I wasn't familiar with BJD sizes.
Later on, I noticed that some Lolita's -interested in that fashionstyle c: - had BJD and I loved their looks. I asked an online (lolita) friend if she could give me some sites for them. I got a link to Think Pink, Den of Angels and the BJD Cafe.. and here I am XD My first doll was a DollZone Hid, my second -and dream- doll was a LUTS Kid Delf Hodoo, and my third is a hybrid; a DollZone body and a Soom Aphan head.
Your dolls: Hyde Duprine - DollZone Hid. Asaro Murakami - LUTS Kid Delf Hodoo. Torin Rayn Viridis - DollZone body, Soom Aphan head
User Image
Date Received: Hyde -> 10th of September, 2010. Asaro -> 18th of February, 2011. Torin -> some time in april >/////< will have to look that up~ I think around 20th of April..
Personality/Backstory: I'll just write their personality here. I think the background story would make it way too long and not everything would be suitable for kids that might visit this thread so >//////<
Hyde -> Mean, cold, arrogant, only sweet to the ones he loves.
Asaro -> Sweet, shy, always struggling with himself mentally~..
Torin -> Sweet, shy, insecure, low self-esteem.
Favourite aspect of the hobby: Fumbling with my dolls, making them stuff, ehm.. this forum XD just looking at them and admiring their beauty~.. it's hard to explain c:
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Yay, hey Neo <3 Thanks for playing the form game. ha ha.
You are so cute.

The pictures I posted turned out massive even though I resized them. I hope photobucket fixes that soon.
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Hello! Please call me: Finlet
About you: Not much to say, I'm in California, stay at home Mom and wife. I like strange things especially creepy and cute.
How you got into the hobby: I have loved dolls my whole life and I found bjd's first on Ernya.
Favourite aspect of the hobby: Sewing!!!
Your dolls:
User Image
Name: Arlette
Sculpt: Youth Dollmore Eve Aileen
Date Received: Christmas '10
Personality/Backstory: Arlette woke up with amnesia and instead of asking who she was or where she's from, she just moves forward with her life. She's very versatile and "tries on" many differing personalities since she doesn't know what hers is anyway. She's genuine every time she mimics somebody, and she finds people fascinating.
Name: Eithna (pronounced ETH-na)
Sculpt: DoD Isis frankendolly in progress
Date Received: 7-20-11
Personality/Backstory: She's mischevious vivacious and friendly. Eithne is the carousel mechanic for the circus.
Name: Illyana, nickname Bad Wolf
Sculpt: Dollstown Elysia CH hybrid
Date Received: 9-10-11
Personality/Backstory: Illyana was raised in high society, but she couldn't tolerate the pretentiousness of it all, so she ran away to join the circus. There, she embraced her untameable side and found the acceptance she always longed for. Her personality is feirce, confrontational, and rebellious, but she is also intensely loyal and loves without expecting anything in return. She is a mother figure to anyone that she perceives as being outcast or rejected.
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Ah, Fin, I really liked your description of Arlette's personality. Deep, and it kind of depressed me a little. I hope Arlette is happy!
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Spore XP
Ah, Fin, I really liked your description of Arlette's personality. Deep, and it kind of depressed me a little. I hope Arlette is happy!

Oh, she's fine, because she loves discovering new things, and she likes everybody. She captures a piece of every personality that she comes across.
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woo, I'm cute? XD not really ;D

all my dolls are excited about this new thread 4laugh
I didn't include my floating head though.. poor Vairon XD

@ Finlet
Arlette is definitely interesting!
Personally, I like my own characters more when they've had a difficult past.
viva drama, haha..
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@Fin - Oh, thank goodness lol.

@Neo - Aw, Vairon, poor guy, I forgot he existed.

Bleh, gotta start getting ready for my day. I am working in a couple of hours and have yet to get out of bed lol. I will be back here later. =D
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@ Spore
poor Vairon indeed XD to times I consider getting him a body first instead of a new doll >/////<
I love his character though~
Good luck and have fun XD It's like 8pm here so there's not much left for me to do =P
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Hello! Please call me: Anything but Lexie

About you: Well I'm 16 years old, and I've been in the hobby of BJD since 08. I sold all my other dolls and deiced to get the two I wanted, one of them I just got in June. Her name is Clementine.
I love Gundam model kits and most Anime. But I read more Manga than I watch anime.
My dream job is either a pastry chief/bread baker, Children's book/Teen's book novelist, or a photographer.

How you got into the hobby: From Gothic Lolita

Your dolls: I have one, and one on layaway. The one I have now is a Yo-SD Suzuna. Her name is Clementine, the one on layaway is a Yo-SD Eddie on a female body. Her name will be deiced once I get help ; 3;
User Image
Female Eddie (borrowed from owners Flicker, sorries!)
User Image

Name: Clementine & ____
Sculpt: Yo-SD Suzuna & Female Eddie
Date Received: June
Personality/Backstory: Clementine is bit of an airhead. She likes to spend her days either knitting, baking, day-dreaming, or sleeping. She loves Sweet, Country, and Sailor Lolita, as well as puppies and dogs. Her dream one day is to own a small bread bakery in the French country side.
Favorite color: Pastels
Favorite Foods: Vanilla
____ dream is to be a femme fatale and a novelist. Her hobbies are: clubbing, Punk & Pirate Lolita, writing. She secretly a Anime/Manga Otaku, and loves to cosplay in her spare time. ___ has a love Kittens and cats, as well Blog and photographing/making Clementine, her younger sister, (in) wear frilly clothes.
Favorite Colors: Darks
Favorite Food: Chocolate

Favourite aspect of the hobby: The cute clothes and the cute dolls! What I hate [but understand most] is the price /poor highschool student.
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Clementine is so adorable biggrin

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