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I have a whole bunch of them i need to get rid of. And i need to get rid of all of them fast! Im worried that they'd take a while to sell. x:
Also, any collectors interested in buying some?
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I'd recommend selling them in lots.

I have to get around to selling my own cards. All from the 1st season of the show. I've looked up a number of my cards and most are worth less than $3. It's not worth the hassle (or the extra fee's from ebay and paypal) to list them separately at that point.

There are a few cards that can be worth a more though. Those you can, if you wanted, sell separately. Or bunch them into a lot of less attractive cards to gain attention and sell them.
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I like that idea, thanks! I have so many cards, I'll probably have to sell them like that then. Thanks for your help! c:
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i got some too, but i dont have idea what gonnna do with them

Holo cards ive sold faster then useable VG in good condition.
I'd be surprised if they were worth anything
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trollandtoad.com may give you basic pricing. I know I priced out my Yugioh TCG cards there a while back. Some were woth nearly $10. They're VERY tough to sell individually though.
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I'd be surprised if they were worth anything

They sell better in bulk. Most cards aren't gonna be worth much so it's harder to sell them separately. A few cards are worth more and can be sold individually.
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~*-♥ ....Yeh i sold some of mine in lots,mainly Holo or reverse holo ones,common ones i sold them super cheap at my fleamarket like 5$ a bag fulll of cards lol ,so yeh ,i guess it all depends,i collect eeveelution cards and other pokemon more for collecting not playing good luck .....♥ -*~
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