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MGA has recently released this new line of dolls called Novi Stars. They're supposed to be aliens visiting earth to find out "what on earth is going on". I think they're pretty neat. The concept art is really pretty and adorable, and the concept of the dolls in general is cool too. The dolls below are Mae Tallick, Allie Lectric, Una Verse, and Ari Roma, respectively.

Mae Tallick talks, Allie Lectric lights up different colors, Una Verse is filled with glitter and water, and Ari Roma smells like bubblegum. I think the ideas behind these dolls are wonderful, but I think that MGA could have done a better job. The dolls are not very articulate, some you can't even move their legs. Despite their shortcomings, they are still really adorable and I'm still going to buy them. They're just too cute. They cost about $20 at a store here, and they all come with a pet and clothes and accessories. There are 3 fashion packs out now that include an outfit, shoes, and accessory. (Mae can't wear shoes) And one more doll has been released with the "Energy Pod Playset", named Nita Light.

Also, they have a website: http://www.novistars.com/

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I plan on modifying at least one of the dolls, and these modifications will include extra joints. I can't seem to decide between Ari Roma and Mae Tallick, though. If you're interested in seeing me modify one of the dolls, I'll probably be posting it around here some where <.< >.>
I have to decide on a doll first, though!
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they're... kinda creepy....

Just as a warning though, clear plastic tends to get brittle much quicker than regular plastic. So if you intend to collect them, keep that in mind when handling them. Haven't met this issue yet myself, but I only started collecting transformers a few years ago. I've heard some horror stories from other collectors though.
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I received two of them for Christmas and bought another from Amazon via a gift card. I plan to display them with my monster high dolls and dragon faries.

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