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my brother used to like legos
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LEGOS ok first things first their awesome in every single way 4laugh i mean there is no way you cant build something different everytime with legos

OhMaiiGawwd! I remember digging and digging and DIGGING through tons of them to find the right pieces lol.
Heh, I love the Lego Stores where you can buy random pieces and build minifigs and such.

I went there after work today and built a Killer Cheerleader Squad. whee
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When I was a kid, my mom only bought the big bucket of Legos because she wanted to play with them. She was really good at building little houses. She'd do that with coloring books too. We would admire her crayon techniques. She still likes to do kid stuff like that every once in awhile, and so do my aunt and uncles. I'm glad my family still knows how to play,
I love Leggo so much.
I build heaps of little penguins out of them and make a penguin farm. xD
My brother has heaps cause he collects them and my grandmother has a lot of the old stuff from when my mum was a kid.
Like theres a train and strain tracks and it actually goes around it's pretty cool. < 3
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The pain when one steps on a lego piece. :'(
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Ice_Bird Bloo
The pain when one steps on a lego piece. :'(

I'm with you on that one.
Once me and my younger cousin built a lego tower up to the ceiling (wich was pretty high.)
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Legos are really awesome and they keep coming out with more fun ones, but really why keep the fun away from kids by making them so expensive now. I know they were pricey when I was little but the prices are absolutely CRAZY now.
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Not even gold and silver can

I remember building my first lego animal when I was a preschooler.
It was hard cause well I was a preschooler *_*! (and was using the insanely tiny blocks)
but I felt so proud of myself. I've been a fan of lego in my primary school years
till they stopped selling them for reasonable prices all of a sudden. (Inflation ;-; )
I'll never forget the toy car that moved that I also built with the help of my big bro XD

break the two of us...
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Legos ARE FRUKING AWESOME!!!! I have over 7,000 legos and i love them! I will never sell them. Im going to pass the awesomeness down the family tree!!!
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They are awsome! rofl biggrin
i got alot stars wars spiderman batman all kinds of villans superman toy story link and some other ones xp
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best toy ever is legos i heart them LEGOS ROCK rofl
legos are awesome
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Legos ARE FRUKING AWESOME!!!! I have over 7,000 legos and i love them! I will never sell them. Im going to pass the awesomeness down the family tree!!!

OwO your keeping track you should see what my dad built we have a full fleet of ships i named one of them the bleeding heart because it looks almost like one of those heart plants =.= its not pink though XD we have a whole bin full of legos and we've been digging around in it for a really long time trying to find certain ship pieces its a lot of fun even though they're all over the floor now so we're always stepping on them sweatdrop its painful and afterwords you're like scream what the who left this on the floor blaugh then you stop and think about it and its like an epiphany eek i was the one that left it on the floor razz oh well then i just kinda throw it back on the floor and walk away and sometime later on i can hear my dad yelling about getting a lego in his foot too xp me and my dad love legos we've had them for ages and they are way too expensive prices need to drop cause i want to get dad some legos for christmas ninja shh don't tell anyone

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