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For dolls.
A friend of mine recently helped me to buy a doll for modification. She's Dead Tired Draculaura... However...

I fell in love with her face.. and I can't get myself to erase it.
I mean. If it's an issue of the partial money paid I'd glady repay it but it's not. ._.
My friend thinks I am too old for dolls.

It hurts. So what if I want to collect monster high as an adult ;-; ... I am so torn. I mean I was so happy but I can't enjoy my first monster high doll because although purchasing them for modification was my initial idea and intention, I am being attacked for wanting to keep it as is.

In photos I never liked the faceups but.. it's different when the doll is yours. ._. I unno recently I've been wanting to purchase one for modification and one for collection but.. due to being called.. odd/weird/not acting my age, I am not enjoying it. =_= I don't want to be judged for not erasing my first monster high doll's face. Actually holding it from time to time brings me comfort.
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I don't see anything wrong with you liking dolls at a adult age. Being a collector is actually a normal hobby that many different ages have in common! So don't be ashamed of it! Kay Nyara-san? 4laugh
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I'm an adult and I already have 2 Monster High dolls, along with a Pullip, a Taeyang, and 7 BJDs (and wanting many more of said dolls).

I see nothing wrong with it, but society does.

I repainted my MH dolls' faces for personal aesthetic reasons.
If you like the way yours is as is, then don't change it.
Why does it matter what someone else thinks?

You have to choose between truly being yourself and enjoying such innocent things as dolls, or conform to what society has brainwashed many minds into believing that toys are only for children.

To be honest I'd rather be socially awkward and happy with doll than join the masses and drink the stresses of life away just to fit in (not sure if that's what EVERYONE is like, but that seems to be what everyone is like where I live)
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I'm in my 20's and I collect Transformers.

My response back to people who are against collecting toys is 1) tin toys are toys but are meant for adults 2) adults collect both antique & modern porcelain dolls, "collector" barbies, merry-go-round memorabilia, old and modern around-the world currency, art, stamps, postcards, swords and any number of other things. 3) Adults buy lego's by the thousands to make sculptures. And legos are one of those things deemed only "for kids". Not to mention some lego sets cost $100+, how many kids do you think get those? Yeah, I think that hits the adult audience far more.

There are toys from my parents childhood which are now collectors items (not just the tin toys either, which I mentioned a moment ago).

I buy what I love and enjoy, just as other collectors buy what they love and enjoy. Just because we like different things doesn't make my collection any less meaningful than theirs (lest they're blind sighted and see everything to be lesser then them).

Your friends and family aren't going to out and buy art or vintage postcards JUST because society says it's the "adult thing to do"... and if they do in fact fall into that game, they've lost the point of collecting.

To be honest, there are many, many collectors of toys and dolls out there. So don't stop buying what you love just because other people decide to be an a** (as my uncle is/was for me. 2 months of constant teasing and demeaning of my collection built into one fire storm of a comment and "attack" that made him leave me alone (the "attack" was printing off like 20 Autobot insignia's and putting them all over his desk at work)).
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I'm about 19 and I just bought the toy sword from Adventure Time and have been swinging it about my house. Your never too old to enjoy toys.
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I'm 21 and I collect Monster High dolls to make custom dolls, I play with ball jointed dolls, I collect pokemon cards and play the video games religiously, anything Hello Kitty is MINE, and for Christmas 2010 the only thing on my wishlist was "a buttload of Nerf guns" (which I did get. hahaha).

I don't feel bad about acting like a kid right now. When I was younger, my parents didn't have the money to buy me the things I wanted. Now that I'm older, I make my own money and can buy my own toys! Bwahaha!

Just because you like toys doesn't automatically mean you're immature, so don't worry so much about it. I still carry on with a job (well, not at the moment because apparently no one wants to hire anyone around here), I pay my bills, I cook my food, I ride the train/bus quietly like a well-adjusted adult, etc.

There's no shame in having a childish side, in my opinion.
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I've looked at those dolls at the shops recently and have been pretty tempted to pick one up myself. :]

I collect dolls and I'm in my 20's, I don't find anything wrong with it to be honest. I know of other people that are way older than me that do. This girl does some awesome customizations on them including Monster High dolls and she's 28.
Growing older does not mean abandoning your interests. You may have less time for them, and your focus may be dedicated to newer and increasing responsibilities but don't let that stop you from snatching up a little "me" treat now and again. If that "me" treat is a doll - so what?

You should tell your friend that she is too old to be judgmental.
too old is wwhen u think old is too old wich make u too old to be thinking about to old X) lol
gonk bored the bored song done scream
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Sweetie, "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing".
Buy all the dolls you want, just try not to burn your wallet in the process...
Actually, sell your wallet and use the money to buy more.
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You're never too old to collect toys.
I'm going to start collecting all the orange-head Lalaloopsy dolls
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Nothings wrong with liking things, no matter how old you are.
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When I reads dese kinda tings I is almost is happy dat all my friends is in the computer. sweatdrop

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