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Well i had like 15 of these as a little girl mostly all blond ones but i loved them so dearly
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Yesh. And they still make them. They are just wayyyyy more odd looking. AND THE KNEES MOVE BETTER!
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Yesh. And they still make them. They are just wayyyyy more odd looking. AND THE KNEES MOVE BETTER!

LOL glad they fixed the knees XD I remember trying to bend them so she could sit or whatever and it just never happened =P I'm not really a barbie girl though
i hate barbie dolls
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Yesh. And they still make them. They are just wayyyyy more odd looking. AND THE KNEES MOVE BETTER!

The ones I've seen lately are really fat and masculine.
I miss playing with them when their limbs were normal, and they weren't so mutant looking. Now they all move but with horrible hinge things. It's quite scary, really.
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I still have my collectibles. My 'I Love Lucy' doll, my 'I Dream of Jeannie' doll, and my 'Dorothy' from the Wizard of Oz.
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i hate barbie dolls

right on. xd
I Sugar Stoned I
i hate barbie dolls

right on. xd

lol nice avi
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Ah, Barbie...good times, good times. Losing her shoes (or only losing 1 shoe. either way, Barbie usually lived her life barefoot in my house), having her head come off from time to time (makes a great cat toy!), giving her a hair cut so she's basically bald or getting the silly little plastic brush permanently entangled in her wavy hair... xd
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Barbie keeps having meltdowns

So the teens and under 13 on here aren't going to know Barbie well.

You need some age 20+ users to notice this.

I have Barbies from like the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's.

I have some dinky things that came on the original Barbies. Like their little paper story thingy about the character.

The old old collectors that were alive when the first Barbie came out are nasty people ( some of them) that think they ARE Barbie. I can't stand them. stare
I used to play with my mom's Barbies! I don't anymore though...

I think Barbies now days look trashy
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And I bet anyone whos ever owned a Barbie made Barbie and Ken do it.
Admit it! >:O
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I DONT collect Barbie on a regular basis, but I DO collect certain select Barbies.

I did pick up the complete set of the Wizard of Oz:

Wicked Witch of the West
Wicked Witch of the East
Tinkie Winkie Guard with Winged Monkey
3 pack mini Munchins
Cowardly Lion
Glinda Good Witch of the North

I picked up my birthstone and Zodiac sign and also my daughters.

DCs superheroines and villians :

Batgirl with motorcycle
Wonder Woman
Black Canary
Poison Ivy
Harley Quinn
DC Direct Catwoman
Catwoman movie


Mary Jane
Invisible Woman


The Barb
Dolls of the World Ireland



Twilight movie set


James Bond Girls set

Honey Rider
p***y Galor
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I had a couple when I was younger, always preferred them to Bratz dolls. I found those things kind of creepy with their massive heads and feet that came off with their shoes... xp
i had 20 Barbies

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