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I used to have 45 Furby's heart I never found them creepy like a lot of people, I thought they were adorable n_n
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.:-Sometimes I ask myself, what am I doing here...

I also thought they were quite cute and was obsessed with them at the time. Had quite a few myself, although I was only really into the original ones. Had about 5 of those (one blew up and my cousin broke my first one, which was my favourite gonk ), two Furby babies (never played with them much), and Gizmo from Gremlins and E.T. if he counts.

...I think of all the reasons, but it's still not clear.-:.
I just got one the other day! ^^
I heart my furbies
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ℜinny says: You don't want one, they're awful toys.
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They are odd creatures... @__@

I think I rather take my chances with a Gremlin. haha jk xd
I wanted one when I was little and friends had them. I got one for my birthday when I was little around the stage they were popular.

I got over it after about a week...

Now they are back. I wouldn't buy one for a child these days though, I'd rather spend that money on something that keeps them entertained for longer.
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Yeah. I never had one but my cousin did and we put it in the freezer...it was never the same after that emotion_awesome

But then again I had some of the McDonald toys but those were kinda lame. And it wasn't until I was about 9 or 10 I got one for free from a garage sale but it scared me emotion_8c
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I always thought they were creepy. And the MacDonald's ones were lame.
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I wanted one sooo bad as a kid, had to settle with the ones that had been McDonalds toys at one time. I want the new one that recently came out.
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I had one looonnggg ago, both small and large. I don't know why I ever wanted one... they made me go "bat poop" (yeah Hotel Tanslvania whee )
I nvr had one but I used to hang out at my friend's house all the time and she had one and it would just wake up and start talking. the most irritating thing ever. though, I gotta admit, I think they're cute
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Oh, believe me, I do...
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I remember Furbies, looking back now, they were creepy little guy, although they look adorable eek

The one I used to own was a black and brown one, and I remember that the batteries died in it once, and I left it a long time before replacing them, and when I did, it started screaming, and wouldn't stop until I took out the batteries! gonk
Needless to say, I didn't play with it again after that, and since then, I'm not too sure what's happened to it eek

Did you know that they've recently brought back the Furbies? They even have a slightly different design.
What made them think that bringing them back was a good idea, I'll never know, I certainly wont be buying them for any of my future children gonk

I've never had one,and after seeing a Japanese commercial of them,I definitely didn't want one. I've heard a lot of stories about those things,that they have a mind of it's own. And the being able to talk even without the batteries,If that happened,I'd burn it.

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