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User Image I had this one:

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Ohhhh sweet sweet nostalgia. Practically everyone had a furby, young or old. I had a bunch of those McDonalds' happy meal furbies, as well as a large grey and white one that talked waaaay too much even when no one was around. I remember slamming mine repeatedly against the wall in an attempt to make it shut up. xD
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yep i had 2 one was a furby and the other was a baby furby
but the grone up sadly wet all satanic on me and shortly after the baby went to
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Nope. Never had one, never wanted one. I thought they were annoying and a little creepy. My sister had one and the fragger didn't like to shut up -__- I thought their voices were nauseating too.
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Lol, I still have mine, he's sitting under my desk with no batteries, cuz one night when his batteries started to die, he started talking. Scared the daylights out of me...
I still have one actually. My friend's baby brother dropped it and it got a new name and personality.
I remember I had a gray one that made my grandmother freak out soo bad. The directions said that darkness would make the bird shut up, but he kept talking, even in the closet. Oh, and a baby blue baby furby. :')
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Oh my god my Furby scared the Frig out of me. We ended up taking its batteries out so I could sleep at night.
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I still have my furby. It's one of those leopard print one's. I just got bored of it and left it on my dresser ever since... with his eyes closed, of course, so I can sleep in peace >_>

Do they still sell those things?
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Of course.
In fact, I still have mine.
I think I also had a white one as a keychain.
I still have mine from when I was a kid lol, but he's making a come back!
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My mom owned one. I was fiddling with it one day and when I touched it's tongue, it started beeping like a frickin' car alarm or something.

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I still have mine from when I was a kid lol, but he's making a come back!
And in four colors! Teal, black, and a sorta reddish maroon color are in this fabric type and "Voodoo Purple" will be more like animal fur and it's basically a black-ish coat with purple tips on the fur strands. I think that one looks the best.
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Those things were so freaking scary. For some reason, I had like 5 or 6 of them.
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I didnt but my sister did i use to play with it it was really dirty probably cus of me) i was a darty child and now im a dirty teen gonk but my parents have it in their room now

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