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I always wanted one as a kid D:

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I remember furbies. I had two small ones, and an old friend had a big one that I wanted. D; They got a little scary. One of mine's wiring must have burnt up because it got a little satanic.
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I used to have one. We think it was possessed because it kept talking even after its batteries were removed eek
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Oh yes! I never had one (except for the McDonalds one), but I had a friend that obsessed over them and she always brought them to my house when we played together. I used to think they were weird...

i had the big one that talked alot, they tended to be crazy because alot of my friends who had one said that it was always talking at night or even when the batteries were removed 0.o

i had one friend who was scared of them because of that reason she hated looking at them after that she would freak out lol
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My mom really wanted to get me one when I was a kid. She actually had to ask her friend in Tx to get one at their store and mail it to her for me (for Christmas) Because our stores were sold out. x_X

I had one normal one, and then later I had a blue/yellow/red baby furbie. I also had the PC game which was AWESOME. biggrin

I had 2 more later on just to have them again not to long ago, and when I was moving to my apartment, my fiance had the 2 in the back seat and of course, they turned on. XD They kept going "weee" the whole time and had the hiccups.
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i remember both my mom and i having one. but mine kept burping!!! rolleyes
always got teased how it was diffently a guy furbie
Those things were creepy as all heck. They would talk when no one was around, sometimes even after the batteries were removed o___o
They're still sitting in the cabinet we put them in to shut them up...
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coocoo nyahehe *honk* heeheeheee aaa me scared~ wwwEEEE
XD I almost want one again.

I remember one time when mine "broke" I was playing with it and all of the sudden the eyes closed half way, mouth opened and just keeped beeping one long low pitched beep. X.X

Another time when it "broke" it was talking just fine then all of the sudden talked gibberish. It wasn't furbie language either....I could just tell it was backwards devil language. @_@
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I still have all my Furbies. God, they're so adorable. heart
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I still have both of my furbies. Loved the toy as a kid. My first furby as called "Darth Maul" because it was red with black spots and had white inside its ears, making it look as if it had horns. xD I'm shocked Darth Maul Furby still works. He has been dropped countless times, stopped working on several occasions, jostled around in boxes in various moves. He even came back from the dead once. After falling off of a shelf he didn't work for a few months and a friend of mine, who I swear was some kind of Furby Whisperer stuck some batteries in him and he worked again.
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i remember both my mom and i having one. but mine kept burping!!! rolleyes
always got teased how it was diffently a guy furbie

rofl Sounds like my brothers. Scared me if I woke it up going to the bathroom in the middle of the night. gonk
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If you point a television remote close to a furby's head and push a button, you can screw it up! I can't remember how I discovered it, but I can remember wrecking another one after the first just to make sure it wasn't a fluke. It was not... poor, evil furby.
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I used to have one when I was small.
It suddenly turned on in the middle of the night (while I had put it off) and started singing. My brother in the other room yelled "shut the ******** up!!" mrgreen
It was funny for a while but in the end it was annoying. (It sort of got broken, I don't know how, and would get stuck when it made a sound so it kept repeating it the whole time scream )

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