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yes i do hes a AOD yo-sd AiAi yum_puddi
I'm expecting my first one in the mail today too! It's going to be a hujoo freya. Then i have a hujoo ted and Dollfie Dream Dynamite on the way.
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My doll whee
Chen from dollzone

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I have four ^w^ and currently have my eye on another one ^^; A little Dragon

YoSD - Yoyo (LoveDoll) named Miyuki , MSD - Ivan (DreamofDoll) still named Ivan , SD - Yder DELF (Luts) named Vincent & SD - Calla (DreamofDoll) named Lynn.

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My little family I hope will get much bigger ^^ Only been collecting a year anyways ^^;
I have 2! (One is actually arriving next week)
They are both Minifees. ^ ^ A Minifee Miyu and a Minifee Rheia!

Here is my MNF Miyu, Pichi!
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Lounging by Trinity-In-Rainbows, on Flickr
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congrats on getting your first bjd~ >w<

i own four, two are still being held at the customs.. >_>; going to claim them next week..

this is Levi
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and this is Oliver
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Here are some sibling pictures ^^

User Image

User Image

User Image

User Image
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                    all i have (for now) is a 5stardoll quintis
                    named him beelze
                    User Image
                    hopefully i can track down some jointed hands that are about the same color/size for this lil' s**t.
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I don't own a BJD, but I've seen a lot of them and have browsed a few sites that sell them.
I'd love to own one, one day, but they're so expensive, I'm certain that they're worth the money, so I hope to buy one when I can afford it.
I'm not normally a fan of dolls, (they creep me out), but BJD's are so insanely beautiful, that I've fallen in love with them!

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I own 6 at the moment, and I ordered a 7th. sweatdrop I love this hobby; what can I say?
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I have a doll I named Setsuna that I got from Angell-Studio, I am trying to save up some money to get another doll from the same company, I love their sculpts. She is a MSD size, so she is around 41 cm.
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I've got over 60 bjds ^^; and I am a dealer/(but ex designer) for Doll Leaves.

They're in the Potato-chip category.. Addictive and you can't have JUST one...

this is my newest who arrived today

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Her name is "Svetlana" and she is Pukifee Mio from Fairyland biggrin
I have a Hujoo Berry named Setsuna, a B&G Loretta named Rose, and An Asleep Eidolon Yara Jr. with an Aod body named Yue.
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I own a Makie brand doll named Roi. I love the brand so much that I ordered a second one a few weeks ago.

Makie brand dolls are from the UK. They are a little different from the traditional dolls out there. You custom design their facial features yourself via their website and the company makes them for you. You can design as many as you like for free.

They are snap together dolls unlike most BJD that are strung. The eyes are also a bit different as they are attached via a sturdy eye clip. The hands and feet can be easily removed and interchanged and the head cavity is big enough for Lilypad Aurdino processors if tech-savvy dolls are your thing.

They are extremely sturdy and their faces take customization well. They measure 10"

The biggest thing that got me though is that they are extremely affordable for what you're getting. My boy Roi only cost me around $143 dollars which included dyed skin and wig. Another thing that floored me is how nice the company is. They really strive to make a lasting connection with their customers.

I love Roi. He's one of a kind. I can't wait for his new friend Perdita to come in.

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I have two and a half at the moment. I own a DZ Edward named Philippe, a Chicline Rou named Alexander and I'm working on building Dementia, who will be a DC hybrid.

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