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Bad. 0.22222222222222 22.2% [ 10 ]
Ok....i gues... 0.31111111111111 31.1% [ 14 ]
Total Votes:[ 45 ]
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Don't care for the new shows and tired of most of the old ones
Not seen it yet. neutral
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It would be cool to see new toonami stories kinda like the intruder just not with Tom dying. Good to see Tom back in his epic self biggrin
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I really liked the new shows last night. I've been meaning to get into Deadman Wonderland for a while, and seeing it on Toonami has definitely gotten me hooked.

However, it needs some comedy. As much as I love the other series, it's just too serious right now...I'm really hoping they get a hold of Panty and Stocking...(I know I know, a lot people probably mentioned that already)

But! It was great seeing Tom once more! And he looks all new and shiny...heh, I hope they bring back Toonami Jetstream sometime...if it happens, then there'll be a good chance that Toonami will get to stick around for a while...
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I didn't feel that Toonami came back so much as they slapped a stamp called Toonami on the normal line up and threw in Tom. That doesn't make Toonami to me. I'm sick of Bleach, I'm sick of FMA and the Ghost in the Shell series. True, they did put in two new shows. I thought Deadman Wonderland was interesting enough but the other new show put me to sleep. If they're going to do Toonami then they need to do Toonami. Scrap what they have now, put together a good, new line up and bring Toonami back with a vengeance. But then, I haven't been impressed with adult swim in a long time. When they brought back Toonami in April that was amazing but what I saw on Saturday night was disappointing.
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I'm always behind on the news
Maybe I should go back to watching TV

I stopped watching the Saturday night anime due to being so behind on all the shows crying

But this new anime, Deadman Wonderland seems interested to give it a try
Even though I missed it last night, hopefully it was the first or second episode
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I was hoping they would being back Naruto. I'm sick of watching it online.
And,I mean, in not really for kids, it's just the dubs.
They could possibly re-dub and make it more for teens/adults. :3

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