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The Japanese version of Deadman Wonderland is definately better then the English version, and the manga is way better than the anime itself. And personally i used to watch Toonami every night. I like the robot guy, he's funny. xd biggrin
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Deadman wonderland is crazy on the first episode
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Like what the tv tropes say:

It's Oz meets Elfen Lied that masquerades as a popular theme park.

Pure. Awesomeness.
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It was pretty interesting and kept me watching. I look forward to the next episode~
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It turned out to be interesting enough. I started to not care too much for it but then the double side of Ganta caught my attention and I would like to know which is true (did he do it on purpose or not). I don't too much care for stuff that is overly gory but I like that 'was it on purpose or not' thing about it. I've never seen it before or read the anime so I think it's worth a watch. I'd also like to hear the explanation of the candy. I get the whole amusement park thing but the candy bit seems weak to me.
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I have to say, it wasn't what I was expecting when I first saw it (through my jaw-dropping experience of seeing Toonami was actually back. That REALLY made my day). It is a bit disturbing, with a few... logical problems with the story (like wouldn't that park thing make the kids in it WORSE? Being laughed at and all that? But, meh, I guess that can slide. )

I personally like the MC's voice actor. It matches the character, and he is fairly good. He is better than most others these days.

At first, I was 'meh' on the show... until I saw the ending of the first episode, with his... blood... thing.... That grabbed my attention, and has me excited for next week. Which feels like a LONG way away. I can't even watch it online, because it's not out in Dubb yet! cat_gonk
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It's really a great anime. I loved it subbed. I'm just not a fan of the voice actors nowdays. They just don't seem to fit. I'd rather just read the subs
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I liked it, and would watch more of it.
But like akiflower13 just said, some of the voices just dont seem... right.
Well I personally watched the Subbed version of Deadmans Wonderland right when it came out till the very end, but sadly I think it's going to take a while for season two, but I'm iffy if there will even be on. xP You'll figure out everything that going on on the last few episodes, but then it end with a HUGE cliff hanger. XP
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I was surprised. I didn't think I'd take any interest in it, but it was very enjoyable. I liked it. I actually don't mind the dubbed voices. Perhaps it's because I never watched the series or read the manga beforehand, but I just thought most of them were fine. I kind of got used to Ganta's voice after a while.
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I enjoyed the voice cast more so then the anime, the lady jailer. Umph. <3
I feel like the manga has more gore - y scenes and it's a lot better then the anime in my opinion.
deadman wonderland sucks a**.
It's a great series. Granted, I've seen the anime in it's original Japanese, and I've read the manga. Toonami pretty much butchered the first episode in my opinion, though, and not only because it was dubbed. then again, everything on Toonami is/was always dubbed. They censored a lot of language in comparison to the original version, and I think the English voice cast could have been better, too, honestly. But I'll more than likely still watch it, just because.
meh not bad but dont like it too much but its decent.
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Looks good at first glance, and it certainly looks better than Casshern. I'll keep watching Deadman Wonderland, and I'll give Casshern another episode or two to impress me.

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