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I heard that Toonami was airing it and sadly I don't have cable anymore but the manga's amazing. I started reading it last year and when I found out it was going to be on Toonami I was freaking out even though I heard the anine sucked. So was it in English? I saw that FUNimation was getting it a while back and, did you like it?
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I read the manga as well, but I don't think toonami even exists where I reside :0. Or I justh aven't watched television enough to pay attention.
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I loved every bit of the crazy gore that is Deadman Wounderland.
I loved the anime subbed, but I don't care for it dubbed though because Ganta's VA isn't that great in my opinion.
If you haven't watched the anime then I suggest watching it subbed instead. ^^;
I thought it was pretty interesting.

People have problems with the MC voice, but I think it fits him. Isn't he a whinny little nerd kid or am I missing something? confused

In the manga or the anime.
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In the manga or the anime.
Both but then again i dont see a point in haten i love it all or i say nothing .
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I watched the first episode subbed a really long time ago.

Ya that's how he starts out. Just wait til he starts adapting to the prison.
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I've seen it before. Last night was very good. It get better and more gore action in each episode. Ganta voice is kinda abit annoying tho.
If you or anyone who miss it can go watch it on animeultima.tv. The episode should be on the first page with dub beside the video.
I like the subbed voices better, but I am just happy they would play it on Toonami. It is such a spooky anime heart
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Meh it was ok.
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I liked it.
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It's pretty good. I love it, very creative that they made the prison more of a amusement park lol.
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