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I will make it clear and simple for you.

4 years ago when toonami was canceled, You accepted it, Moved on, And found other sources of entertainment. Stuff such as videogames, internet, animes online, or even real life.

For the last 4 years, your brain has been overstimulated and learned to enjoy other things that you thought were amazing. Exposing you to the world more and making you less-innocient to things that are interesting and amazing, And you learned and adapted to understand life differently, In fact, you probably unintentionally over-analyze things now instead of simply being able to sit there and enjoy something.

You are not amazed by toonami, Because it is something you were amazed by four years ago. Similar to some games that you watched four years ago, Or it could even be a movie.

You can try to deny the facts all you want. but really. What it comes down to. Is you are not the same person.

Toonami is a very wonderful thing, I welcome it back with open arms and I am happy to have it back. And there is a new generation of people who weren't around for the original toonami, who turned on their tv`s on satuday night to go "HOLY COW THIS IS AMAZING! I LOVE MY LIFE!" Just like we were between 1998 and 2008. I personally. Would be laying there getting ready to sleep for school the next day, able to watch stuff like Outlaw Star and Cowboy bebop right up until I fell asleep.

And now it is someone elses turn to have their innocence exposed and stimulated by this wonderful tv program <3 I hope you all understand that and continue to support Toonami, Because it is still a great thing, And more people deserve to experience it than just our generation.

Thank you and goodnight <3
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Agreed. Toonami can't satisfy the individual rights of every single person, they may bring another show up that they want in place of something else they dont like! Patience is one thing you need to fully enjoy the programming. 3nodding
exactly others should enjoy what we enjoyed as children and if they dont like it we will kick all of there little tiny butts lol rofl
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Actually I just hate the lineup. It's that simple.

I still like Toonami, and I'm glad Steve Blum came back as Tom, but they're airing the same s**t they aired on Adult Swim every Saturday that failed to get viewers, and they wonder where they went wrong. People are disappointed in what they chose to air, not Toonami in general.

Also I miss when it was on earlier in the evening instead of in the middle of the night. I'm old, I'm already in bed by midnight.
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Although your post makes a lot of sense... I don't find that it applies to all of us who were disappointed. Some of us were disappointed just because we wanted to see certain old shows playing again, hoping to share their awesomeness with the new generation. Seeing that we don't get to see that happen, well... I guess it just left a lot of us pretty disappointed.
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I'm disappointed because it's not "Toonami"
It's the same old Adult Swim shows [besides the two new ones] just with a Toonami front. It's not about us changing, it's about Adult Swim NOT changing.
But I'll continue to support [aka turn to channel and mute] this faux Toonami until it can get better shows [be it new or older ones].

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