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I did not understand ._ .
but still, watched it because of Tatsunoko xD
I actually really enjoyed it
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I am that which lurks in the deepest corners of a pervert's imagination...


I liked it. I'll give it a shot 3nodding


A Nursery Myth.
Kiwi Crime Fighter
Didn't like it.

Agreed.... :/
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I fell asleep halfway through the episode, but I'm going to blame that one on myself.

I watched it online last night and felt that it was boring yet interesting for a start. It has a fair number of episodes, so I'm hoping to see more human characters as the story progresses to lessen the blandness.

I Be Monster
Oh my god i thought the same thing. And the other ones art style reminds me of eureka seven

Fact: Deadman Wonderland and Eureka Seven shares the same illustrator of the series' manga.
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Overall I found it to be an interesting anime. I like the oldschool character designs.

I feel like the episodic first half was slightly better than the plot oriented second half.
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I was sorely confused over what the heck was going on and wow look at that hair it's like all over the place.

And then I started watching the series on youtube.
I really enjoy it so far.
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Perfect Miko

I dont like the old style style character desings, therefore I did not watch this show.
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Not even gold and silver can

Well, I think that there was a lot more potential in the series than what we got in Sins... However- I didn't hate the anime... The movie was definitely worlds better though.

break the two of us...
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Pierced Punk

I enjoyed the idea of it, but the voice cast and art style really threw me off. (Which is kind of sad, because I'm actually pretty partial to older styles.) Reminded me a lot of like... Mega Man/Cyborg 009/Ergo Proxy. (Which, out of those, I've only ever liked Ergo Proxy.) Might watch a few more episodes, though, just to see where it goes, but that first episode (if it was the first episode?) left me with a "what did I just watch?" sort of feeling. Didn't really know what was going on. Still, I'm surprised Toonami picked it, but in a good way. Gives the lineup some variety.
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I Be Monster
looks like mega man crossed with cyborg 009
Oh my god i thought the same thing. And the other ones art style reminds me of eureka seven

I read that Deadman Wonderland was created by the creators of Eureka Seven(my fav anime). So, yeah I thought the main character looked liked Renton and that white-haired girl looked like Talho/Anemone.

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