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Knowing from experience, partaking in smoking weed is best as a after or during mid workout cool down, as it soothes muscles & joints.

& with eating, I think it is before & after eating a proper meal once a established with your tolerance limits.
Also you should not just pig out, you have to know your body & what you are stuffing into your face.

It is a wonderful flower heart
My boyfriend smokes j's with his friends before they work out, but together with a bunch of supplements. Then they smoke a few j's again after to relax. They work out everyday, and they're all lean, and some are buff.
Yeah you should do it everyday.
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She must not have tried going to the gym without THC in her system. It says in your system for quite a while. It's a relaxant, if anything, it could relieve any joint-pain that might be caused by exercising without stretching... but stretching would fix that problem without becoming a stoner. It's all psychological, so no, it wouldn't help at all.

Protein, will help more than anything. Experience talking.
Anyone can go from average weight to ripped in a few months with the right work ethic. I can only imagine a stoner smoking up before a work out, getting the munchies, saying "******** it" and ordering Pizza Hut.
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actually it does work but you cant munch out on junk food nothing but healthy stuff my homeboy did this he used to be pretty heavy set n now hes like wow just freakin sexy lol but you have to work out every time you smoke so that when youre high you wanna work out and you dont get lazy and just munch out like me i taught myself that when im high i clean the house then crash out so i dont munch on junk food but this is only works if you dont get too high dont smoke like 6 blunts n expect to be able to work out no you smoke a joint or a doobie maybe two bowls then work out

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