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Do you work-out?

No 0.2258064516129 22.6% [ 7 ]
Yes, 1 a week 0.2258064516129 22.6% [ 7 ]
Yes 2-3 times a week 0.54838709677419 54.8% [ 17 ]
Total Votes:[ 31 ]
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Lift weights like a man and take in lots of protein. You don't need to knock yourself out at the gym unless you want, but as long as you're pushing yourself, you'll be good.

What would you suggest for protien? and how much protein?

Eggs, protein shakes, more protein shakes, nuts, beans, those good things.

Thank you.
If I may ask one last question. You dont have to answer if you dont know or dont want to.
Is there a bad side effect from having too much protien in your body?

If you eat too much protein (which I highly doubt would happen), the extra protein that doesn't sustain your muscles will be stored as fat.

Thank you.
I go hiking in a conservation area in my town it has a lot of trails so i could be there for hours and if you bring a dog or a friend its like your not even exersizing
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I go hiking in a conservation area in my town it has a lot of trails so i could be there for hours and if you bring a dog or a friend its like your not even exersizing

I do that too, usually with my boyfriend. Its not really considered hiking because its a park and it doesnt have any hills or elevaed land but it still has trails through the woods.
Since I got a new puppy, Lexi, I bet she'll like going through there too.
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Well, I take Niacin and Vitamin C (500mg) everyday. I eat an all natural/organic diet consisting primarily of food grown in my community or state. I run 2-3/week. I generally run about 5k each time. I jump rope and lift weights on the days that I don't run. I drink a lot of water and I drink Izze Peach instead of soda. It's all natural, no added sugar, and has two servings of fruit in each bottle, but it's smooth and fizzy like soda. It's yummy. They have other flavors as well. I eat a lot of protein in the form of "chicken" sandwiches made with soy, not chicken. Make sure to buy non-gmo soy. I also eat boca burgers with sprouts and vegenaise. Vegenaise is loaded with omega-3 fat. Madras lentils are a delicious and easy way to get a nice dose of protein and fiber. Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and veggies.
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I work out at home for twenty minutes everyday, sometimes a day rest or two. You NEED breakfast, they are VERY important for your day. Breakfast gives you a boot up as soon as you get up.
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I will answer in Red colour.


Here are my questions that I have thought of. They will become cyan when I have accepted an answer. Please still answer them in your opion even if their cyan.

Is it necessary to kill yourself at the gym to get fit?
I preferably go to gym instead of being lazy and being unfit.

How often should one exercise?
3-5 times a week is recommended. I work out 5-6 a week.

Could one work out at home without the equipement of the gym but get the same results?
Well, at Gym they have better equipements, but I do my own ways at home and I even used WII workout Dance and lost a lot of weights

Are there exercises that give better results than others?
It is depends on person, if you sweats, push a bit more harder. Sweating means it works.

Is there good and bad times to snack? (My aunt and uncle have a personal trainer and she told them that snacking should be avoided)
Well, I enjoy have small snack at night time but not after 7pm. [If you eat late, then go to bed soon, the food in your stomach will turns into fat in your body.]

Does the hours you sleep affect your stanima?
Not at all.

Does yoga help being fit?
For me, no because I have a very bad balance due being Deaf, but I heard that Yoga gives good benefits for people.

(Because I'm a vegetarian) Does that affect my ability to build muscle?
As long you eat nuts, you will be fine. Without nuts or any proteins, will be harder to make muscles.

Is it a good idea to take a protien supplements such as Sythe6 or nutrient suppelemnts such as VI-Shape to become fit?
Well, I refuse touch those because I do not trust what inside them. I am more of Nature Freak, I eat organic foods, non toxic or tonic.

Could one get fit only by running or is it necessary to do other exercises in a workout as well?
Do same exercise repeating will not allow you lose weight or anything much enough, so make sure you have different exercise. For example, I play Wii Workout for an hour, then next day, I do Daily100, next day I do jogging, three things repeating after those.

How does eating or not eating breakfast affect your weight? (In other threads there is a lot of controversy about this)
If you do not eat breakfast, your body will be weak and unable to be active. If you eat fruits in mornings, your body will thank you for it.

Why do you need to cleanse your liver to stay healthy?
Drink more water cleans out Toxic out of your system.

What can you do to cleanse your liver?
Drink 2-4L water everyday.

How is water important?
Oh you want to be a solid human that dont even drink water? Your body is made from water 78% and you sure NEED water or you will be dying.

What are some good foods to eat?
Lot of Vegetables, fruits, nuts. I am Vegan.

Other Tips on Training?
My tip is, PUSH yourself harder, stop being lazy or you will be unhealthy for long time

How do the quick fixes in getting ripped work?
If you push yourself harder, you will be success losing fat and gaining Muscles.

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