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I'd like to take a muay thai class but I'm pretty weak and I don't want to embarrass myself too much sweatdrop I have some weights and a stationary bike at home but I'm not sure what I should do to stay balanced or how much I should do how often. (Most of my working out would be at home as I don't have a gym membership)

Any help is greatly appreciated but if someone could teach me how to set up a routine that would be wonderful!
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im glad to help you out, i had the same problem when i started out, but i went to thailand to learn muay boran, the war fighting techniques of muay thai.

first, one must train their legs to be mobile as well as quick. to do this, stand on one leg, while hopping on one leg, while the other leg kicks into the air as high as you can. but caution, stretching before hand is much needed. so continue with the kicks for about 20 kicks, then switch hopping and kicking legs and repeat. do this for a total of 200 kick and both legs, then take a 5 minute break. during that break, work on cardio or just keep the heart flowing fast by doing jumping jacks.

second, you need a crouching position sorta like this: http://i553.photobucket.com/albums/jj389/Halfcastsouljah/IMG_2157.jpg

sorry if you dont understand it razz

you dip the lower leg 10 times, the you launch a mid kick as if you were aiming for the stomach of a person. do this for about 20 times each leg, and if your legs are not feeling the burn, you are doing it wrong.

now to work on your arms, u said you had weights, which is good, but i hope they are 5 pounds, cuz its gonna hurt. instead of holding the handle, u hold the weight from one end of it, and swing your arms, in full windmill circles to build both bicep and tricep. doing this for 5 minutes is good time, but more cna be done. torso and abs can be worked on with regular pushups, pull ups, and crunches, but a good number like 200 a day for each for a week will tone it.

these workouts will help you start out with toning your body before starting muay thai completely, but ill post you something later on proper movements and techniques. good luck! biggrin
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For the straight beginner with little to no experience in muay thai, the first thing you really need to start with that is going to be your main problem is your coordination. Try this video for starters. Your footwork is going to be the most frustrating experience for anyone just starting, since it's an entirely different way of moving. Then work on just basic strikes and making them decent enough. The strength will come when you join a school, along with more fluidity to the combos. Always start slow and make sure you have technique before speeding up and then try moving around and working on them, while also maintaining your footwork. But honestly, the best way to start in my opinion (as having been in your position about 8 months ago) is to focus on your footwork. That will make things much easier. Move around the room in your stance and with proper footwork as often as you can. It will seem really odd at first, but you'll get used to it and it will be second nature before you know it. When you feel comfortable moving and with the basic techiniques, then I would start looking for a gym ASAP. There really is no substitute for a master of the art teaching you the techniques. Hope this is helpful for you.

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