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This sucks: I gain weight only on my stomach, so while everything else is fairly skinny, I have a tummy.

Does anyone know any workout tips to target weight loss and stomach fat? Thanks.

Also, my workout usually consists of running on the treadmill. Should I consider weightlifting to add to my workout? Thanks.
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Actually if you cut more on bread,cookies, and ice cream it'll help
Weighs won't help much for your stomach, but if you do crunches every day, the tummy will go away 3nodding
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To lose weight anywhere it's best to work out your entire body. You cannot just focus on crunches and expect the fat to go away.

There are also a lot of diets that can cause your stomach to bloat. Mainly too many carbs (grains, starches, sugar).

Cut those, and also carbonated drinks if you're prone to drinking them, and do a decent workout every 3 days or so, (cardio and muscle development, doesn't have to be weights, can be a sport) and your tummy should flatten out.
Lose stomach fat by reducing overall body fat, so do cardio and strength train.
you can do that by exercising and eating healthy. diet and exercise is all it is.
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Drink water, cut out juice & soda, stop eating solid meals after 7pm and switch to harder cheese as opposed to softer ones that are fattier.

And regarding belly fat you're gonna wanna go on YouTube and look up fat burning and tightening exercises for women to get things that will be most beneficial to you.
Generally from what I've read and studied. When it comes to losing weight. You can't necessarily focus and just one part of the body. Especially when it comes to tummy fat. If you eat things that are low in calories and give you tons of vitamins and minerals, then exercising is the easier part.

From my experience when you start doing that, the fat melts away. Generally it's in the tummy, face, thighs and arms where it really starts to show. Good luck! That's what I'm working on too!
Try consuming 2 tablespoons of coconut oil everyday. it helps reduce tummy fat and it has tons of uses and benefits. I like to put mine in a cup of hot cocoa or tea. Delicious!
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(: Hope that caught your attention.

Here's the deal; although you don't seem to be male, the tummy area holds fat, the tummy area also has receptors, these receptors tell when to store fat and when to burn it

Men and women in the stomach area have less of the burning receptors, this is because the tummy is a great area to store that extra energy that is known as fat.

Now on to the next thing. Fat is distributed equally* Its not BURNED equally, because the stomach area has less receptors, its the first area fat is put ON and the last area to GO.

Now, inorder to lose fat you need to intake less calories than you burn off. simple as that. Mind you during this process you must still maintain the nutrients you need;

Cardio (like running) is a very good option in order to burn calories, the only issue is that you can burn a lot of calories but AFTER you're done you stop burning calories, its not a continuous process.

The second thing you can do is light weights. DO NOT freak out, seriously. My assumption is that you're female and most of the time theres a "oh no, I don't want to become some kind of bulky blah blah blah." This isn't the case. You wont become some kind of body builder instantly,
instead the goal is to rip and repair muscle. During and AFTER a workout you are burning calories because it takes energy to repair that muscle. also, muscle weighs more than fat, so when you are looking to lose fat

Dont look at a scale. That is a BIG big mistake, a scale wont tell you if you have fat on you, only you can look and see. Muscle will replace fat, your weight won't change much (in fact you could gain weight) and look fantastic.

Hope this helps,


To Address the sit-up/crunch thing

The core is a lean muscle area, you don't burn too many calories by working this area out, also improper form can cause bumps in the muscle fibers which will grow under your fat, which if done often enough improperly enough will make you tummy area look bigger. Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym. Those are abs, if your looking to flatten, same idea.
You cannot spot reduce fat.
To lose the weight on your tummy you need to lose weight all over, and the best way to do this is cardio and weight training

Try to reduce your salt intake and carbs since these have a tendancy to bloat your tummy, and some of the "fat" you see may just be bloating. Drink lots of water!

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